How long before the left calls ’em ‘typical bitter clingers’ ?

……and demands the government – which is doing less and worse than nothing in the defense of it’s own people and nation – take action against the citizenry for defending itself.


“The army is obligated to protect the junctions, and the brigade commander promised to do so,” said Motti Yogev, deputy head of the Binyamin Regional Council.   “That is the army’s job, and I hope it will take full responsibility for it.”

But in the meantime, Binyamin-area Jews cannot afford to wait, residents said.   “We aren’t going to gamble our lives or our families’ lives,” said Viki Ezra of Dolev.   “As long as the Binyamin region commander isn’t prepared to handle this mission, we will do it voluntarily.”


Remember……… True ‘gun control’ is hitting your target center-mass with your first round.

Learn It

Know It

Live It

Molon Labe


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider


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