L’Espagne bientôt sous domination musulmane.

Translation: Tool up.



Mademoiselle Moneypenny, prendre une lettre, s’il vous plaît………

Chers musulmans:

Manger merde et mourir.

Vôtre véritablement,

Le monde libre


So then, the Quranimals already have Libya, Tunisia and the rest of the ‘top of Africa……… Spain is about to fall, France just went harder-than-hard left and will be lost within months……… What do those geographical locations have in common ?

Hmmmmmm ?

What were you doing on February 16th 2011 ?

If you were paying attention then, click here and you might remember what was going on.

A whole lot of “it can’t happen here” happened here inside of 15 months, eh ?

Betcha the peace lovers move to close off The Med — Easier to whack Israel that way — Not like #HeilObama and the administration will stop ’em……… Hell, they might even help the Muslim scum.


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider


Molon Labe


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Thanks to Whistler for the video link.

2 Responses to L’Espagne bientôt sous domination musulmane.

  1. act1fla says:

    Never realized the infiltration was so dominate here in little ‘ole Cooper City (FL).

    Expanding mosque & school @ Stirling & 106th,
    Deli and grocery @ Sheidan & Flamingo NE corner strip mall at Rock Creek entrance. In the large strip mall @ Sheridan and Flamingo
    SW corner, several shops are muslim owned. CAIR headquarters
    is located on Taft and Palm SE corner strip mall. These are the ones I know about………can’t go to big mall @ Pines & Flamingo or local groceries without running into and observing all the pregnant Islamic women and their multitude of kids.

    Even though BHO is a musllim, he smokes and drinks, and now, he openly loves gays. Is this a way to get all the gays to flaunt their stuff so they can be identified for later jihad or honor killings? Beware of muslims bearing gifts.

    Personally, gay marriage is not on my list of priorities, but if I were gay, I’d advise all my butt buddies to stay in the closet. If they want their civil rights, all they have to do is draw up a Power of Attorney with their butt buddy of choice and make out a Will leaving all their assets to their ass of choice.

    Getting back to the current state of events, the Ron Paul supporters better wake up and smell the smoke. If they continue to split the voters, they will be for sure casting votes for BHO. So, my advice to all of you is wise up, investigate your neighbors and for goodness sake, VET your candidates.

    You’re so right, Kenny, TOOL UP.

  2. Bruce O'H says:

    At this stage, about the only remaining option to the march of Islam around the world will be a concerted effort equal to the effort expended against the Nazis in the ’40’s.

    Thanks for the 2011 link. I bookmarked it for future reference, and posterity.

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