Teh Juice want to shut down the internet.


Somehow it’s fitting these maniacs will go for it where the NY Mets* play their home games.


This Sunday [ed…. 20 May 2012], tens of thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Jews (male only) are set to attend “a mass rally never before seen in the history of Orthodox Jewry in the US,” to “disseminate information and hold a prayer rally for the success of Klal Israel’s war on the Technology which threatens the sanctity of the homes of Israel.”

A “kol korei” (call to action) published in Haredi newspapers says “We must assemble together to protect and be protected … and may it be that we will be successful in encouraging the public not to stumble over this obstacle.”

The kol korei is signed by some of the “heavyweights” of the ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva world, including Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, and Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, Chairman of the rabbinical court of Bnei Brak.


Hey Haredi’s, Hassidic’s and the rest of you ‘ultras’……… Y’all really want to stop Grandma Yetta in Brooklyn from having online Skype or Oovoo video chats with her ‘bubbes’ who live in Florida ?

Best back off.

Hell hath no fury like a Jewish grandmother scorned.

I’d rather face Iran by myself with a spit-ball straw than have to go up against even one corked off ‘Mee-ma’.

You’ve been warned.


* Mets — Must end the season.

Some folks say they play Major League Baseball and others say……… um……… er……… If I use that kind of language, I’ll get my mouth washed out with soap.

Let’s go Yankees !


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Molon Labe


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3 Responses to Teh Juice want to shut down the internet.

  1. Well Kenny have any of them ever used a computer or been on the net or understand this would even put banking at a stand still?Something I’ve heard of the Jews are very good at. *snark*

  2. Patricia Conlon says:

    If they want to rally, I say they have a right to assemble.

    Uh, Ken. About those Mets. Why is that Yankees fans show such loathing toward them and yet Mets fans for the most part are happy with a New York win?
    Let’s Go Mets. It rhymes:)

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