And now for something completely different.

A man with three buttocks.


Legendary British comic actor John Cleese, of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers fame, is to star in something completely different: “Hunting Elephants,” an Israeli film from director Reshef Levy.

Cleese will play an eccentric British peer who gets involved with a group of Israelis planning to rob a bank in order to save their family home. The movie also stars veteran actors Sasson Gabbay and Moni Moshonov.

“Hunting Elephants” is set to begin principal photography in July in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and is produced by Ehud Bleiberg, who was behind the critically acclaimed comedy “The Band’s Visit,” which also starred Gabbay.


Bank robbery, eh ?

Mr. C. has some experience in that realm.



Kenny Solomon
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