Boogidee boogidee boogidee……… Let’s accept a ‘nudge’ into oblivion boys !

The last thing I want to see is our environment hurt, or people discriminated against.   But none of this has to do with anything ‘green’, or ‘diversity’, or money.

It’s all about power – Totalitarian Rule over a nation by people who have nothing less as their goal.

NASCAR is being over-run by ICLEI* insanity — A good bet some of the recent and newly hired NASCAR execs in place are members……… who want nothing more than to destroy NASCAR because the #HeilObama administration ‘knows’ the sport ‘only’ appeals to typical bitter clingers.

There’s also the ‘all-inclusive’ crowd, who doesn’t care about ability or anything else other than ‘everyone gets a trophy because there are no losers allowed’.


*  If you don’t know about ICLEI, there’s a link towards the bottom of this posting.


So now it’s time to wrap your head in Duct Tape……… and we’ll start with some news from October 2010.


NASCAR and ICLEI….. A match made in Hell.

Click the link.   You’ll see.

This bit of madness is not the first ‘nudge’ towards a purposeful destruction of NASCAR and all other motorsports…… As an example, an earlier ‘event’ for NASCAR and domestic auto racing began when the current administration took over General Motors and within days, cut the racing support budget by 75% and completely eliminated all direct cash sponsorships to teams and tracks on a nationwide basis.

There’s also NASCAR’s “Drive To Diversity”, which if I describe it in any sort of detail, will more than likely immediately send me to the range, thus not completing the posting.


Fast-forward to April 19th 2012.

Take it in slowly. Item by item, word by word.


Heading Into Earth Day, NASCAR Releases ‘White Paper’ On Green

NASCAR issued a ‘White Paper’ detailing the various programs that have made NASCAR a leader in green initiatives across all sports.   The data in “The Sports Leader in Sustainability”* illustrates the steps NASCAR has taken in educating fans, reducing the sport’s environmental impact, and validating green technologies, both on and off the track.

This past weekend in Texas, NASCAR eclipsed the two-million mile mark running on Sunoco Green E15 since the seamless transition to the new fuel in February 2011.   NASCAR Sprint Cup Series engines have been operating at an even greater level of efficiency due, in part, to NASCAR’s transition to electronic fuel injection this year.   NASCAR’s release of the ‘White Paper’ is timed to Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Kansas taking place on Earth Day.

NASCAR, Kansas Speedway and several of NASCAR’s Official Partners will be showcasing many of the environmental sustainability programs that take place each week at race tracks across the country, not just on Earth Day.

Among those activities happening at Kansas include:

NASCAR’s premier series entitlement sponsor, Sprint, will implement “Recycle for Victory”, a wireless recycling program that benefits charity;   The backstretch of the track will be painted green thanks to NASCAR Official Partner American Ethanol;   NASCAR Official Partners Coca-Cola and Coors Light will educate fans on the benefits of recycling and encouraging them to drop plastic bottles and aluminum cans in designated bins;

A new 30-second television spot about the NASCAR Green platform will air during Sunday’s NASCAR on FOX national broadcast at 1 p.m.;   The NASCAR Green logo will appear in the infield grass for the first time at a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event;   The pace car for the STP 400 is a Toyota Camry Hybrid and will carry the NASCAR Green logo on its trunk lid;

NASCAR and Kansas Speedway will donate 10 trees to the Gov. Jay Nixon’s Governor’s Joplin Challenge for every green flag that is dropped over the weekend;   Miss Sprint Cup will wear a green fire suit throughout the weekend in support of the environment;   Every race vehicle on the track this weekend will run on Sunoco Green E15, further validating the environmentally responsible high-performance racing fuel.


As my bud Barry In Indiana offered in commentary at The American Survival Guide:  “That read like a spoof from The Onion !”

My response to him was that it’s all too real and much more is coming.

………and according to the ICLEI lunatics, if you don’t agree with each of the items 100%, you hate the earth and want everyone to suffer, so this all has to be mandated and you will obey or be sent to one of those non-existent FEMA Camps for a dose of re-education.


Side note:  Do you know why NASCAR switched to fuel injection this year ?    Simple answer:   The ‘biofuel’ made from the nation’s corn supply whacked horsepower and acceleration by a good 15% or more. Fuel injection instantly brought things back up to snuff.


I was rather prophetic in my warning that more is coming, as the very next day – 20 April 2012 – I saw the following news:


An aspiring stock-car driver is suing NASCAR, claiming he was denied the opportunity to compete in NASCAR’s diversity program because he looks “too Caucasian.”

NASCAR argues that in trying to change the “face” of the sport, it has the right to select drivers for its diversity program based on skin color, attorneys for the sanctioning body and its former diversity program administrators have told a U.S. District court.

Michael Rodriguez, a driver from Pennsylvania, says in his complaint filed in U.S. District Court that he was denied the opportunity to compete in the 2005 and 2006 Drive For Diversity combines.   Rodriguez is suing NASCAR and Access Communications, which operated NASCAR’s diversity program from its inception in 2004 until 2008 and conducted the combines that are designed for teams in NASCAR’s regional series to scout minority drivers.


Yeah that’s ‘diversity’, alright.

Thing is……… At 195 mph and three-wide going into turn one on the final lap at the Daytona 500, is it really all that good of an idea to have someone in a seat simply because he and/or she looks different than many of the other drivers ?

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t some of ‘those little nit-picking things’ like reflexes, peripheral vision, combined hand-eye coordination and overall driving ability come in to play at some point in the equation ?

Keep it up NASCAR and instead of ‘have at it boys’, each race will have a body count caused by all that ‘diversity’.

You let this happen, Mr. France, Mr. Helton and the rest of the NASCAR executives.   Now, you’re going to have one hell of a judgement set against the organization and you know what ?……… Good.   You’ve earned it all the way.


May 18th 2012.


“What are you doing ?”

The question was asked of a CongressCritter™.

A Republican CongressCritter™.

This Republican CongressCritter™:

Jack Kingston (R – GA – 1)

The reason the question was asked ?

For God only knows what reason – probably got blackmailed – he decided to co-sponsor some legislation……… and it passed out of committee.


Rep. Jack Kingston tipped the scales in the House Appropriations Committee, putting some Southern moxie behind what had been a losing cause until now:  Rep. Betty McCollum’s campaign to end the Pentagon’s practice of spending tens of millions every year on costly motor sport and fishing sponsorships to promote recruitment.


Here’s a hint Congressman Kingston:  Ms. McCollum doesn’t want to end military sponsorships of NASCAR.   Nope.   She doesn’t.   Ms. McCollum wants to end the military and NASCAR.

You and the rest of the supposedly patriotic Americans in the House and Senate – and the nation – need to wake up and stop this garbage because it’s going to get out of control.   So help me, it’s going to get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.


Massive irony:  The only NASCAR teams affected by this legislation are also (still) sponsored by and run Obama Motors cars — Chevy’s.


Then again, it’s all along been part of the administration’s plan to ‘nudge’ and destroy everything that’s uniquely American.

Betcha real soon that GM/Chevy ‘all of a sudden’ and ‘out of nowhere’ has a ‘budget problem’ causing them to ‘unfortunately’ stop sponsoring such a typical bitter and clinging sport.


May 19th 2012 and an article courtesy of — ESPN’s NASCAR website.


Dale Jr. talks about a bill that could ban military spending in sports:

#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. met with members of the media at Charlotte Motor Speedway and discussed many things including Military sponsorships in the sport, the transcript in part:


Earnhardt Jr.: “I think the Republican from Georgia that is heading the bill hasn’t even been to a NASCAR race. At least it states that in the article today. I would encourage them to do more homework, get more facts, understand the situation a little more. I know just talking to the (National) Guard, and we went through this before, and talking to them, they can’t express to me enough about how much this program helps their recruiting. They are committed to the belief it has a profound effect on their recruiting and their ability to recruit. It’s important for them to be visible and to push their brand, and work on their brand giving people an opportunity to learn more about how to get involved in the military. I think their NASCAR sponsorship is a great way to reach a lot of people. We are one of the biggest sports. We’ve got more people attending races and attending our sport than a lot of other avenues they could be going. I think it’s good and healthy for them to be here. I think it works for them or they wouldn’t be a part of it.”


Earnhardt Jr.: “Yeah, just because he’s a Republican from Georgia he should have seen a NASCAR race by now (laughter).”


Earnhardt Jr.: “He could come along and visit with the Guard and talk with the Guard. Talk to the people that are at the particular races and see what the experience is like for them. See how the guard utilizes their program and they’re marketing within the sport. If he hasn’t been to a race, he’s not seen it firsthand. Then he can make his decision.”


Good on ya, Little E.   Now git on out there and win a few.


Also from May 19th, this from The Associated Press — An article that got me close to needing an immediate 1,000-round excursion to the “100-Yard Stress-Relief Center”:


Good, because there’s a few things that need it yesterday.


(Concord NC, AP) — NASCAR Chairman Brian France is aware of the fan debate surrounding the last two months of racing, and acknowledged the sanctioning body is studying several areas to ensure the on-track product is entertaining.


Well then Mr. France, you’d better cut out the following ‘green’ insanity, ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity’ crap real quick – like first thing tomorrow morning, say “Oops, we made a huge mistake signing on with this nonsense and to hell with these Totalitarian bastards”.


NASCAR officials announced Saturday that it would join Beyond Sport, a global organization that promotes, develops and supports the use of sport to create positive social change.


Kevin Harvick and his crew pledged not to shave as part of Budweiser’s “Grow One, Save A Million” program, which is designed to help save one million gallons of water for World Environment Day on June 5.


Social Change ?!?……… World Environmental Day ?!?

Go fu……………… Ahem……… New tone of civility……… I forgot……… My bad.


Next, you’d best get some real big-time legal firepower ready, because the #HeilObama administration is coming after the motorsports industry as a whole, but specifically targeting NASCAR because of the typical bitter clinger factor being topped off by patriotic military sponsorships of teams and races, fly-overs, etc………


Rep. Betty McCollum and Rep. Jack Kingston are pushing for an amendment that would stop government funding of sponsorship in NASCAR and other professional sports as part of the fiscal year 2013 Defense appropriations bill.


Then there’s “her”.


Danica Patrick has brought more visibility to the sport – not that NASCAR Chairman Brian France expected anything different.

But France said Patrick’s true impact at stock car’s top level won’t be known for some time.


Damn straight about the visibility.  If she’s racin’, you don’t know if anyone else other than Jimmie ‘Five-Time’ is on the track.  Ms. Patrick also has an amazing level of God-given talent and I want to see and fully expect her to win at least one Nationwide race this year.

But she ain’t ready for cup yet.   No suh.

Ms, Patrick is also as incendiary as Kurt, Kyle and Juan Pablo put together and it’s not the good kind of ‘have at it boys’ intense, but the ‘git my shotty’ kind of whacko that’s gonna get people hurt or dead and start inter-team and intra-team wars.


Suffice it to say, I’m gettin’ sick and tired of being sick and tired of NASCAR’s abject submission to all this bullcrap.


So in review, first it was the move to that E-85 or whatever food to fuel ethanol stupidity that forced NASCAR to immediately say ‘let’s implement fuel injection now’……… because of the loss in horsepower and acceleration using the aforementioned ICLEI mandated ‘biofuel’ garbage.

Next it was the “White Paper On Green” to cement it all in place at the Kansas race a few weeks ago.

Then, it was the fully expected blow-up of the “Drive To Diversity” politically correct insanity that’s getting NASCAR sued, because a Hispanic driver – who is damn good at what he’s doing and shouldn’t need this idiotic program – isn’t getting a ride because he was told he “looked too Caucasian”.

Now, that Socialist p.o.s. McCollum somehow got a supposed patriotic American to co-sponsor her assigned-by-Sunstein “nudge” to get the US military out of NASCAR and help kill the sport totally.

Hint to Moron McCollum:  Do it and you’ll be affecting El Guapo’s own company – GM – a.k.a. ObamaMotors – as they are the main sponsor of said military-supported teams.  Choo no da car maing, da seekstee-four Chebby weeth da pom-poms onna da weendoz anna da leetel doggie onna da back deck weeth heez head bobbing up and down.


There’s another problem and it’s as big as the leftists coming after my beloved “boogidee boogidee boogidee”.

I started typing this whole mishigoss as the All-Star Race was on……… and I wasn’t watching it.

Reason:   ‘Bout 50% ‘cuz Jamie wasn’t in it – but the other 50% because I’m tired of seeing the same thing week after week after week throughout all NASCAR broadcasts and print media:   The Jimmie and Kyle show, plus the ‘bonus’ of everyone hand-wringing over Little E. not bein’ just as good and just as intense as his dear departed daddy (who was ‘my’ driver back then)…… with 99.99% of the remaining time dedicated to “her” if she’s in the lineup (even if she’s 20 laps down limpin’ a wrecked car ’round the track).

So as I was about to start running up evidence of that, everything came crashing down into one huge ‘nudge’ that will very soon become a shove over the cliff.


NASCAR found another one of those ways to ‘improve’ racing.


NASCAR and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that provides a framework to encourage greater environmental awareness and adoption of green products and solutions with NASCAR fans and the entire industry.

The MOU is a voluntary partnership around education and awareness. The agreement denotes some core areas NASCAR and the EPA will collaborate on moving forward including the following programs: E3: Economy, Energy and Environment; and Design for the Environment (DfE) labeled consumer and commercial products.


PDF of the agreement.


NASCAR has been thoroughly skewered by The #HeilObama Administration Environmental Protection Agency.


If you want to understand the depths of pure Totalitarianism that is the EPA, go to my blog-writing-mentor Carol’s website – Conservative Outlooks – and simply scroll through the many pages.

This is the very last thing NASCAR should be doing – allowing the administration into it’s operations. Quite honestly, it probably will be the last thing, because with this agreement, NASCAR is now officially doomed to a ‘green death by nudge’.

My guess is there was a stark ultimatum: Sign this agreement, or ObamaMotors (and the #HeilObama military) immediately cuts off NASCAR from all support.

This is the essence of the Sunstein “nudge”Boil everything down to two choices, one of which must be selected and neither of which is beneficial to anyone other than the agenda of Totalitarianism.


The agreement won’t matter a hill of schmitte, because the “nudging” will keep coming and get more restrictive.   An inch equals 100 miles to this administration and they WILL take down NASCAR, solely for the ‘bitter clinger’ factor.



In closing, a meesage to NASCAR management:   A big part of me is getting nearer to that edge where if a National A-hole System of Coexisting with Anti-American Revolutionaries race is airing up against The International Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship………… I’ve got a rock, plenty of paper and brand new very sharp scissors.


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Molon Labe


Follow Israel Survival Updates On Twitter.

3 Responses to Boogidee boogidee boogidee……… Let’s accept a ‘nudge’ into oblivion boys !

  1. Bruce O'H says:

    Even though I’m a typical bitter clinger, I don’t follow Nascar. This blog was eyeopening. The Left have left no stone unturned in their ideological infiltration.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    It’s not my kind of sport. Motor sport is only interesting for me if there are wings attached and the thing flies.

    But it makes some people happy, so ok. It doesn’t hurt anyone, nobody gets violated or similar. So it’s fine.

    Of course the left and the bureaucrats would get their hands involved in it. Who knows, they might come up with a “diversity quota” for all teams. They are THAT far gone over the edge into totalitarianism.

  3. Bruce O'H. says:

    As I’ve heard said elsewhere, “Green is the new Red”…

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