Knesset Minister portrayed as a Nazi for views on illegal aliens in Israel.

Israeli patriots, let this be a warning:   The left is ramping up their intensity and will soon be instigating and perpetrating direct violence.


Israelis who took issue with Likud MK Miri Regev’s comments this week about infiltrators from Africa took things a bit too far on Friday. According to a report on Channel 2 News, a photo of Regev wearing an SS uniform and doing the Nazi salute was disseminated on Facebook on Friday.

During a rally in south Tel Aviv against Israel’s growing illegal immigrant population on Wednesday evening, Regev said that “we will not allow” illegal immigration to “spread like a cancer in our society.” It was her use of the word “cancer” to describe the infiltrators that raised Facebook users’ ire. After the rally some protesters smashed windows, lit garbage cans on fire, and damaged a car that had three illegal aliens in it. No one was hurt in the incident. On Thursday police arrested 12 people on suspicion of attacking the vehicle, and running riot.

According to Channel 2, some users actually expressed support for the photo depicting Regev as an SS soldier, while others condemned the photo and asked that it be removed it. “This is incitement and the photo must be deleted immediately,” wrote one, the report said.

MK Regev herself was unfazed by the unprecedented attack directed at her Facebook page and told Channel 2 News, “I do not know what hate speech is on my page, you may want to look at other pages. My page reflects the situation, my feelings, what I saw and I the speech I made about infiltrators at the Knesset plenum.”


Here’s a photo of Knesset Minister Regev in her real (former) uniform – As a MAJ. GENERAL in The IDF.


Attn.: Leftists, Liberals, Kadima and the rest of you traitorous scum:   Go spit up a rope.


Kenny Solomon
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6 Responses to Knesset Minister portrayed as a Nazi for views on illegal aliens in Israel.

  1. So lemme get this straight. She didn’t actually put on a Nazi uniform. It was photoshopped in?

    • kennysolomon says:

      Yes, L.I.O.

      Typical leftists did what typical leftists do…….. Grabbed a photo of Minister Regev and superimposed her face into a photo of a Nazi saluting.

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    Screw the Israeli Left. Screw the American Left. Screw the International Left…and screw their Jihadists buddies.

  3. Edohiguma says:

    Very impressive. Major general at that age.

    I checked on wikipedia, they, of course, don’t mention that she said “illegal immigrants”. So I changed it. I’m pretty sure it will get reverted back to “Sudanese immigrants”.

    And yeah, the Left has a strange obsession with painting a nazi uniform on their opponents, which is actually somewhat funny, considering that Old Adolf was a socialist.

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