Assad has nothing to fear from Obama……… Update: Proven correct.

No kidding.


To begin with, the ‘nothing to fear’ part of the equation, a must-read article at Israel Hayom by Dan Margalit:

Once the U.S. wielded deterrent power, but now Washington can be manipulated without fear of retribution, as American punishment no longer deters.


Mr. Margalit, good article sir, but not strong enough.

The only people the #HeilObama administration is looking to punish are patriotic Americans and of course, Jews concerned about that itty-bitty ‘Israeli survival’ thing.


………and as if on cue………

El Guapo’s very own spokestool Jay Carney:


“We do not believe that militarization, further militarization of the situation in Syria at this point is the right course of action.”


Best tool up.

You know……… “Shall not be infringed” and all.


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4 Responses to Assad has nothing to fear from Obama……… Update: Proven correct.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I have one issue with it. Stop Syria? How and, especially, why? Let’s say Assad gets removed. What will happen? Freedom and democracy? Not really. They will be like Libya and Egypt. So I’m favoring this idea: let them kill each other, that way they’re busy and won’t get the idea to kill Jews and other infidels.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Ding ding ding !

      Give the man a cigar !

      100% agreed…… Let the Moose Limbs off the Quranimals and vice-versa.

      Less work for us in the short and long run.

  2. Sometimes the best course of action, is no action. All we have to do, to assure Obama doesn’t do anything with Syria is tell him ” he has to.”

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