Teh Juice have a new pet ‘Crocodile’.

………and the lil’ lady has some big ‘ol teeth too.


Approximately two weeks ago, Israel Navy Submarine Tanin (Crocodile) was launched in the city of Kiel, Germany and officially handed over to the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Navy.

The new submarine is considered to be one of the most advanced and versatile in the world, capable of adapting to a wide variety of missions.


Sadie, vill you look at diss ting ?!?

Yes Irving ?

Vee gots a new boat.   Maybe iffen vee had it back in the day, vee coulda stopped those Baseball Bumz frum moofeenk out to Califailure.

Irving, vatts wrong vitt you ?   Zee boat’s not here in Brooklyn, it’s in Israel.   It’s gonna help stop da MooseLimbs from being Quranimals.

Sadie, vee gonna need a bigger boat.


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Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.


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7 Responses to Teh Juice have a new pet ‘Crocodile’.

  1. mbecker908 says:

    Ironic that the Germans are selling teh Juice a summerine.

  2. ebbid yelsreknat says:

    Awesome equipment! Now Israel, start lobbing nuclear missles at iran. I love your country and people. Yehovah bless you.

  3. act1fla says:

    Love your humor……..Hope your holiday was good……..G-d bless our VETS and their families. Sounds like a berry gud bot.

  4. Bruce O'H. says:

    This was a fun post to read, Kenny. And thanks for the news. A juice submarine is GOOD !! Long Live Israel…

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