The world’s inaction on Syria shows we cannot depend on others to protect us.

Damn straight.


The words of Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak:

“It has to tell us something about the sobriety that is needed when you evaluate whether in fact it is self-evident — like some people even here tend to believe — that if only we had the right conditions, the world will indeed act,” he said.   “It is not self-evident and it is not clear.   They reflect the danger that we face from this unholy alliance.   But above all hovers the challenge of a nuclear Iran.”

“If in the future a development occurs that poses an existential threat for Israel, we don’t have the option, and I repeat, we don’t have the option to ignore this challenge.   The metaphorical sword is now on our neck.   We have now 94 MKs together — this is an opportunity that will not repeat itself in the next few years.   If we now wait and fail to act we will pay the price.   “Israel cannot afford to remain stagnant.   It will be a difficult decision to make, but time is running out.”


Minister Barak, sir, how difficult of a decision is it when you know, with absolute certainty, that several things are at play………

1. The Muslims are ramping up towards a genocide of every Jew on the planet and wiping Israel off the map.

2. It’s not just Iran – Not by a long shot.   The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over every Muslim nation around the world, one or two of which have nukes already and many with a chem/bio weapon inventory.

3. The #HeilObama administration is on the side of the Muslims and El Guapo will more than likely attempt to order our military to stop Israel from defending herself.

4.  The world’s media is willingly doing whatever the #HeilObama administration, the anti-Semitic UN and all Muslim governments and organizations ask and-or demand in covering developments and the damnable media actually enjoy condemning Israel, Jews and freedom overall.


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