American Jews — 59% for, with 14% undecided.

73% of American Jews are schmucks.

But beyond any lack of knowledge or simple political leaning to the left, this majority is truly a clear and present danger to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the very existence of The Jewish People.


New national poll conducted for the Workmen’s Circle, a Jewish activist organization, finds that Obama out-polls Romney by 59% to 27% among Jews.

The survey also shows that economic justice is main driver of Jewish vote, whereas attachment to Israel is not a strong factor in presidential voting decision.


Enough is enough.

These 59% and 14% morons start in with the ‘coexist’ / ‘social justice’ crap or any other nonsense, there will be……… trouble.



But on a ‘good’ note – if this could be one – the 2008 gap was 77% to 22% with 1% undecided.


The nightmare scenario continues unfolding.

Tool up.


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6 Responses to American Jews — 59% for, with 14% undecided.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    My suggestion: give them a 2 month vacation in Malmö. Let’s see how they like “social justice” and “coexisting” after experiencing muselmaniac “cultural enrichment” first hand.

  2. ebbid yelsreknat says:

    God’s chosen people are losing their standing. Do not be afraid to stand against evil. Patriots, Christians are standing & will encircle you. It’s our duty to Yeshua Messiah. We love you. Wake up.

  3. Pat Carfagno says:

    Kenny; The Workmans Circle is a Marxist Front Group. It is marxist first Jewish second, third or fourth. The claim they make that 59 percent of Jews support Obama’s policies is total BS. 59 Percent of THOSE polled do, but they didn’t poll generic Jews, they polled members.

    If you look at it in that light we can fairly say that from those numbers that “even among the devout marxists polled, Obama gets a mere 59% support”.

    I know you feel better now.


    • kennysolomon says:

      Thanks Pat.

      But you gotta realize the bulk of the media will run with this poll as teh bestest-evah, showing that alles klar vitt das Juden und Sieg #HeilObama.

      They’ll run with it right until the SHTF……… then blame Bush.

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