IDF invites you to find the concealed commandos.

Lesson one in the training series ‘How Not To Be Seen’.

There are two highly intelligent, uber-motivated Israeli Defense Force Special Operations warriors in the photo.

Your job:  Find them.


Adapt, improvise, overcome.


Two soldiers from the elite Egoz reconnaissance unit concealed themselves as part of their standard field operations and were photographed by the IDF’s Spokesperson unit.

Click to enlarge.

Egoz was reestablished in 1995 after several previous incarnations and disbandments.   It specializes in guerrilla and counter-guerrilla operations, predominantly along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.


The two IDF spec ops warriors have learned how not to be seen.



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6 Responses to IDF invites you to find the concealed commandos.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I found one. Took me a while to find the second, but I think I have him as well.

  2. I found one Kenny. My eyes are tired tho. Good job om ’em.

  3. soldier says:

    Got ’em both in a back to back position.

  4. redfive1976 says:

    I found them both in about 2 minutes. Most of that was spent finding the 2nd soldier.

  5. CC says:

    Found both of them, took about a minute.

  6. silkcat21 says:

    Found them in about 30 seconds.

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