He didn’t warn you ?

When you can’t rely on a blood-brother, who can you trust ?


Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai says The #HeilObama administration failed to consult Afghans on an airstrike.



(AP) — The Afghan leader says the United States failed to consult Afghan forces when calling in an airstrike this week that killed civilians.

President Hamid Karzai also warned his government will in the future consider any such actions as violating a pact signed between Afghanistan and the United States.

Karzai’s comments were relayed to the media by the president’s spokesman, Aimal Faizi. Faizi says Karzai met with Afghan investigators on Saturday and concluded that the airstrike was a “one-sided decision” by U.S. troops.

A memorandum of understanding between the U.S. and Afghanistan states that the Afghans should be in charge of special operations.


Let’s take things one at a time, shall we ?


“……failed to consult……”

‘You-know-who’ was probably on the back nine with no signal through his CrackBerry and since ‘nothing is wrong anywhere’, they left the satellite phone and ‘football’ in the clubhouse.

“……killed civilians……”

Sorry.   There are no civilians in that Quranimal hellhole.

“……Afghan investigators……”

The official MooseLimb version of the blame Bush crowd.

“……a one-sided decision by U.S. troops……”

Oye maing.   Da “troops” don’ mayk dat kinda deesizshun…… No way, maing.   Dat kinda teeng frum waaaaaaaaaay uppen El Guapo’s houz.

“……a memorandum of understanding……”

That sounds like it’s two dimes short of a treaty, which we all know cannot simply be ‘executive ordered’ or given the ‘nudge’ into place by any president, past or current.


Dear President Karzai:

Sir, is it with great humbleness that we offer our sincerest apologies for El Guapo not sending the advance mission notice, thus affording you no way to warn the peace-loving people operating under normal Islam there was danger approaching.

As we all realize such a warning is something only another peace lover can do for a brother-in-faith, we will leave it up to the fair and balanced Muslim Brotherhood council of governance to mediate and adjudicate this matter.


Democrats, The American Left, RINO’s and the usual suspects.


Dear President Karzai:

In all honesty, if America still existed, Afghanistan wouldn’t.


The US Constitution & Bill Of Rights
Upheld and defended against all enemies foreign and domestic until 20 January 2009.


Wait…… “Memorandum Of Understanding” ?

Where did I see that bef……… Right………

Nascar And The Nudge.


Tool up.


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider


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One Response to He didn’t warn you ?

  1. Edohiguma says:

    For all we know those 18 “civilians” could have been killed by the taliban just by bashing their heads in and then setting them a bit on fire. But of course, Tali-Lover Karzai comes out quickly screaming murder.

    Meanwhile the Talis poison more than 100 school girls and Karzai only calls for an investigation while the media listens to the statements of a taliban “spokesman”.

    The way I see it: 18 less potential jihadis. Good riddance.

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