Civil engineer by trade, academic by choice.

He’s going back to ‘the private sector’ in 2014.

Iminthemoodfor Abigwhompinjihad™ has had enough.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he intends to retire from politics at the end of his second term in 2013, Allgemeine Zeitung reported on Saturday.

Iranian presidents may not serve more than two consecutive terms, but may run for office again after an absence of one four-year term. Despite this, Ahmadinejad said “Eight years is enough,” in an interview with Allgemeine Zeitung that will be published on Sunday.


Maybe that man-of-the-world Hussein Soetero could run for president of Iran.  A more perfect fit has never been seen.


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2 Responses to Civil engineer by trade, academic by choice.

  1. I don’t believe he is going to go, just like I believe Chavez will never go. Although I did hear something about Amadi being on anti-depressants. Watch Obama give him asylum if something major happens over there.

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