Achtung Juden !

Das rinderautos sind kommen !

Achtung Juden !


Austrian authorities are investigating the desecration of 43 graves in two Jewish sections of Vienna’s main cemetery, The Associated Press reported.

The head of the Vienna Jewish community, Oskar Deutsch, told AP he is confident that police will find the culprits.

Anti-Semitic acts have been on the rise in Europe recently.


1 — Rather surprising every grave wasn’t touched.

2 — Yeah, right.   Probably half the cops side with the ‘culprits’.

3 — Nein !   Wir alle liebe das Juden !


Es kann nicht hier geschehen.


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2 Responses to Achtung Juden !

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Couple of details

    The “Zentralfriedhof”, aka “central cemetery”, is under lock and key over night. It has fixed opening times. Or at least used to have like 10 years ago, which was the last time I was there. There’s a wall around it, but it’s not too hard to scale, even without ladder. The attack was on 43 graves in the old Jewish cemetery. The graves there were established before WW2.

    Currently the Austrian “homeland security” (Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung, literally “provincial office for protection of the constitution and counter terrorism”) has an investigation going for damage to property by unknown perpetrators, which usually leads to nothing.

    Local politicians already came out condemning it. Including the Socialist and the Green party (the coalition that has been bankrupting Vienna since it was formed and which only cares about dead Jews that were murdered 70+ years ago so that they can guilt trip us, none of these people have come out in support of Israel) and HC Strache, boss of the Freedom party, who actually was in Israel in 2010 (if my memory serves me right.)

    Who would do this is pretty easy: either neo-nazis (despite that scene being practically dead in Austria, the leaders are all in jail and whatever small fringe group of followers they had has gone silent years ago), anarchists/anti-fa/similar left wing scum (who’re always very vocal about being “critical of Israel”), and, of course, our dear cultural enrichers.

    If cultural enrichers are responsible, expect nothing to happen. Same if the scum that did this were anarchists or anti-fa or other left wing. Should it be neo-nazis, which I really doubt, you can expect the media scream murder.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Btw, don’t dis the cops too much. Cosp here are underfunded, understaffed, they have to deal with the scum of the earth and pretty much everyone is against them. Media, politicians, “activists”. Sometimes I wonder how the academy here in Vienna still manages to get recruits, cause that job is the most unthankful thing you can do here.

    My dad was a cop for 40 years in a 20,000 inhabitants town. Things are getting worse and worse. The amount of scum our LEOs have to deal with is growing (even in such a small town) and all it takes is one false step and everyone screams for their heads on a pike.

    The LVT will do what they can, but as I said: underfunded and understaffed, Plus, as I said, if their investigation leads towards the left wing/enrichers, then don’t expect any results, because some self-important politician will then order them away and tell them to focus on imaginary neo-nazis. Stuff like this has happened and the cops can’t do anything about it.

    Every older LEO I know from my dad’s generation is looking forward to retirement, because it’s really a horrible job these days.

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