All of a sudden Bloomberg cares about keeping a typical Muslim in prison ?

I smell a rat…… A Judenrat.


(AP) — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he opposes comments made by Egypt’s first Islamist and civilian president-elect about releasing a terrorism convict.

Mohammed Morsi told a crowd in Cairo’s Tahrir Square he’d work for the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman, a blind sheik imprisoned in the U.S. for a plot to blow up New York landmarks.


Let’s see………

Bloomberg is ‘all-in’ on submitting to Islam at every turn, including a love-fest with the construction of a typical Muslim armed base-camp (Mosque) at the site of The World Trade Center………

He ignores the abject insanity throughout Noo Yawk Sit-tay of Mooselimbs dropping their magic carpets and going arse-up wherever they happen to be at the appointed times………

Mandating what the population of and visitors to ‘his’ city can and cannot eat or even purchase………

He’s ‘the’ Mayor Against Illegal Guns, meaning he’s the mayor against YOUR right to defend yourself by any means anywhere, regardless of being in NYC or not………


I can go on, but why bother.


Oye Mikey.  Badda wee gunna doo witchoo, maing ?

Dat sumonabeyatch Quranimal chuud bee chott en la cabeza whaye bakk wenn, no hee bee een jayl, maing.


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One Response to All of a sudden Bloomberg cares about keeping a typical Muslim in prison ?

  1. p0rkch0pian says:

    It’s easy, Kenny. Bloomborg’s a Fascist, at heart, and a politician above all else. Jews? He claims to be one, and still oozes Fascism. Make sense? No, but neither does Fascism if one is a rational, free-thinking Lover of Liberty.

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