Rabid anti-Semite UK Parliament member George Galloway interviewed.

The source is an outfit called ‘LondonRealTV’.


You remember George Galloway, yes ?

If not, click here first, then pop back this way.


The full one-hour interview with Mr. Galloway is on LondonRealTV‘s YouTube page.

Here’s a short highlight:


Whether they know it or not, LondonRealTV has offered a tremendous service in helping to expose the pure evil that is Islam and the mindset of those who support it.

— and —

Whether they agree with Israel Survival Updates and me or not, I sincerely thank Mr. Rose and Mr. Gabriel of LondonRealTV for arranging and hosting the interview, then having the hour available to the world.


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2 Responses to Rabid anti-Semite UK Parliament member George Galloway interviewed.

  1. Kenny,, do you know the percentage Muslim population in England and that area? I would be interested in knowing. TY

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