Saudi Arabia Gives The Palestinian Authority $100 million.

Not loaned.



The Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, hailed on Sunday an emergency $100 million donation received from Saudi Arabia after PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas visited the kingdom last week.

“Prime minister Salam Fayyad and the Palestinian people thank… King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz after he instructed the Saudi finance ministry to transfer $100 million to the Palestinian Authority treasury” at Abbas’ request, Fayyad’s office said in a statement quoted by AFP.   The money, the office added, would “support the Palestinian Authority and assist them in overcoming the financial crisis they are suffering from.”


Boole Sheet.


The money is going to be used to train, equip and send into the field, murderers, genocidal maniacs and worse.

The money is going to be used to purchase munitions and explosives, along with their delivery devices for said murderers, genocidal maniacs and worse.

The money is going to be used for producing ‘marketing’ such as this video presentation* to recruit murderers, genocidal maniacs and worse straight out of what passes for elementary school in typical Muslim nations, and quite probably in typical Muslim communities right here in America.


At what point does what remains of the free world seal off the typical Muslim scum, toss ’em into a black hole, then lock the door ?


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* Video link courtesy of good friend to ISU ‘DMartyr‘ at The Jawa Report.

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