Whoops !

He slipped on a bar of soap.


Ramallah, West Bank (AP) — A Palestinian judicial official says a special investigator tracking Palestinians who sell land to Israelis has died in custody under mysterious circumstances.

The official said Monday that 49-year-old Osama Mansour fell from the third floor of the Palestinian military intelligence building in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where he was held. It’s unclear what caused Sunday’s fatal fall.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case. He says Mansour was working in the attorney general’s office and was arrested 25 days ago.

Palestinians convicted of selling land to Israelis face the death penalty. Palestinian society views such acts as treason because it weakens their quest for an independent state in the West Bank and other lands Israel occupied in 1967.


Teh Juice am be loose !

It’s Bush’s fault !


He got the ‘nudge’ off the third floor because of the western US wildfires caused by evil scary-looking guns firing all by themselves due to Alex Jones’ chemtrail investigation and superelasticbubbleplastic HAARP encoding, directing the Cheney Earthquake Machine to hit the precise spot of the Deepwater Horizon well cap, launching 1.6 nano-milliliters of crude oil into a conch shell, sending Greenpeace into a tizzy, their fit of peak seeing their Netherlands director claiming she was the new CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and she signed the ‘hit’ order.

Makes sense to me.

As inspector Clouseau would say, “Zee cayz, zhee eez soll-ved”.



Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider


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  1. Hey Kenny. Thanks for the shout out.

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