Dawood National Military Hospital

Our tax dollars paid for this.


The Dawood National Military Hospital is in The ‘Stan and me thinkest thou hast not been ‘privileged’ to be provided with information from our upstanding mainline media regarding said facility.


From The Wall Street Journal article published on September 3rd 2011:

American officers deployed as mentors in Afghanistan’s main military hospital discovered a shocking secret last year:  Injured soldiers were routinely dying of simple infections and even starving to death as some corrupt doctors and nurses demanded bribes for food and the most basic of care.


It’s a sure bet then that thy personage twere in ‘mushroom mode’ as well when it comes to the aforementioned Congressional hearing which took place yesterday, yes ?

Well then, have a go at it – All two hours worth………


The Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense, and Foreign Operations held a hearing entitled, “Dawood National Military Hospital, Afghanistan: What Happened and What Went Wrong ?” on July 24, 2012.



What went wrong ?

That’s easy and it’s getting worse by the day thanks to you-know-who and his merry band of Totalitarian scum.

We’re trying to work with and be nice to ‘human beings’ who are simply trying to kill us under a mandate from their ‘religion’…….. and also to take out each other if one of their own is not a typically bitter and clinging peace-loving ‘human being’.

That’s where El Guapo comes in – The bridge between the 7th century sword and the 19th/20th century nudge, brought together in the 21st century. Try to make the connection, get the two genocidal-homicidal sides to deliver the onslaught together but separately and when the two are the last standing, they try and grab the brass ring from each other……… and then nothing remains.

Mfggghh knndt hppnn eer.

What ?……… Oh, you again……… “It can’t happen here”, right ?

Httr, yffl choobstrd, rssssisssst, clngr.

God help us.


Are you starting to realize there’s gonna be only one way out of this ?

Can you think ‘big picture’ ?……… No……… Bigger……… NO……… BIGGER.


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