Say it…… Come on…… Say it.

You disingenuous hypocritical lying sack of Totalitarian s………



The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

I’ll spell it for you Mr. Carney: J E R U S A L E M.

Jay  (It’s your first name, arsewipe).
Eee  (What you say when you see your own shadow).
Arr  (September 19th is “Talk Like A Pirate Day”).
Yu  (ESPN’s Girl’s Soccer player of the year, Sandra Yu).
Ess  (The sound a snake makes – you should be quite familiar with that).
Ay  (The first letter of the alphabet, schmuck).
Ell  (Go to).
Eee  (There’s your shadow again, girlie-man).
Em  (It’s a twister ! it’s a twister !).



Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
The American Survival Guide

Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.


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4 Responses to Say it…… Come on…… Say it.

  1. Wonder where Gibbs the Fibbs is today. One day Carney will succumb to the same pressure, although when he realizes it, it could be too late for him. When you lie down with the Devil, many times you get more than just your eyebrows singed.

  2. Patricia Conlon says:

    If the turnout at 2 GOP Boca events today was any indication, maybe, just maybe, the Chosen are beginning to see the light. Maybe. I HOPE for CHANGE.

  3. ebbid yelsreknat says:

    His other name is Jay Carney Clown.

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