Dinner was great !

A bit early for me, but great nonetheless.


Here at The American Survival Guide*, we spare no expense to bring the news directly to you in first-person experience.

That being said………


Pembroke Pines, Florida ; TASG News — Our musings and commentary offerings are becoming known for snarkifikation of the highest order, so the headline should simply read: “Heh”, with a “” thrown in for good measure.   However, in keeping with the tried and true tradition of The American Survival Guide, it is this reporter’s humble offering of the following that should suffice quite nicely, thank you very much:


It’s 4:45pm – between lunch and dinner – here in beautiful Broward County Florida and as I pulled into the parking lot at our new Chick-Fil-A (opened just a few weeks ago), the sight of nowhere to park in their spaces was quite nice to see.   So was the realization of the Chick-Fil-A drive-through having at least thirty – that’s the number 30 for those of you in Rio Linda – cars on the queue, wrapping the restaurant’s building and extending deep into the expansive furniture store parking lot to the north.

Your intrepid reporter (that would be me) got a bit lucky, in that a family was leaving and pointed at their vehicle informing me they were headin’ out.   I thanked them and got to park quite close to the building.

The first thing I noticed was everyone – I mean everyone in the parking lot, on the drive-thru line and especially inside the Chick-Fil-A was smiling, seemed really happy and each and every person knew they were part of something good.   It was a vibe – the place had an aura – sounds a tad odd, but that’s what was there.

Patrons were white, black, Latino, Asian…… All the food groups were represented quite well. 😉   Let’s call it true diversity. Many American flags on shirts, hats and even a service dog with a flag bandana.

My chosen attire for the visit (t-shirt) got a few notices, resulting in several handshakes and even one offer to purchase my food as a ‘thank you’ (I politely and extremely humbly declined that offer, as I was ‘on a mission’ of sorts).

The logo is also on the rear of the shirt and measures 12″ x 9″.

The statement is simple: Patriot Guard Riders – Standing for those who stood for us.

After an amazingly pleasant and what seemed much shorter than a twenty-minute wait, I placed my order, paid and within a very short time, received my food – Two sandwiches of their absolutely incredible spicy chicken club deluxe, some waffle fries and a great big ol’ lemonade Chick-Fil-A is famous for always making fresh.

On exiting the restaurant, I happened on some friends just getting there. Always nice to see people you know and we greeted each other as follows:

“Hey there you typical bitter clinger !”

“Howdy, terrorist Hobbits !”

The few folks in the immediate area hearing the exchange broke out in deep-down laughter and that’s when it happened.

We stopped as one – and nobody thought to take a photo, let alone record it – there were seven people.   We faced the flag you see over my shoulder and said The Pledge Of Allegiance.

I kind of lost it a bit after that.

Pretty sure we all did.   Three friends and four total strangers.   Americans.   Together.   Under God.   Indivisible.

Had to sit in my van for a few minutes before attempting to drive home.

Something happened there.

Something good.


PS……… I took the photo myself before I left the parking lot.   I needed to see our flag, the Chick-Fil-A and me in a single space.

Yes, that’s me.   My photo is here for all the world to see.   A different photo is on my Twitter avatar.   My real name is just below.   Know why ?   Because I’m not anonymous, nor do I hide my postings behind a pseudonym like so many on all sides do.   I’m an American, proudly wear our flag on and in my heart and our Constitution of freedom – individual freedom and rights – for all mankind resides in my soul.

Do you understand that Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Communists and Totalitarians ?

No, you don’t and don’t even try to pretend you do.


Kenny Solomon
Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Molon Labe


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* This column was going to be run up as an exclusive to The American Survival Guide. TASG is my other home on the interweb thingy.   C’mon by TASG to say howdy.   But be forewarned:  We sometimes can tend to get ‘a bit’ edgy over at TASG.   Yeah…… Edgy.   A bit more than I get on my own too.

2 Responses to Dinner was great !

  1. Can I presume no one there pooped on a police car?

    • kennysolomon says:

      I certainly “hope” not, for they would experience “change”.


      Even with Bloomie’s buddy Ortis as our mayor, Pines L.E. don’t cotton to that kind of $#!t.

      Besides, the only L.E. at the site were on break enjoying some truly good food themselves.

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