Accessories to murder — All of them — The entire administration and more.

Everyone in the executive branch, from El Guapo right down to the overnight weekend fill-in’s.

All those even remotely on board with handing illegal aliens rights, offering any sort of amnesty, etc.

Any supposed Republican who hasn’t and doesn’t move mountains to stop this invasion is just as guilty.


Know something else ?

We’re all part and parcel of it for allowing this madness to continue unabated and actually be promoted by our own elected and appointed officials throughout the nation.


This is murder, plain and simple.

It didn’t have to happen.

It shouldn’t have happened.


Look at this photo:


The baby was seven months.

Not seven months since birth.

Seven months into gestation.


That’s Mrs. Aileen Smith holding the lifeless body of her son Demitri.


Aileen and her husband Zach were traveling along Interstate 25 in San Miguel County, N.M., when a car driven by Ramon Hernandez collided with their vehicle.


Look at this photo:

That’s Mr. Zach Smith holding the lifeless body of his son Demitri.


Hernandez – an illegal alien from Mexico – has been charged with homicide by vehicle DUI, great bodily harm by vehicle, driving under the influence, reckless driving, driving while license is suspended or revoked, and driving on roadways laned for traffic.

According to the New Mexico authorites, Hernandez was convicted of DUI twice in 2000, once in 2003 and once again in 2004.   He was also driving on a revoked license at the time of the crash due to multiple unpaid traffic tickets.   He has pleaded not guilty.


Now, look at the following link:

Enforcing the law is now illegal for law enforcement.

Click on it.

Watch the videos…… All of them.


Go***mn traitors in Washington.

All of them.

Every last motherf*****.


Answer one question – Just one:   What’s it going to take ?


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider


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7 Responses to Accessories to murder — All of them — The entire administration and more.

  1. It’s very difficult to leave a reply here Kenny. As a woman who has felt life in her womb twice I can’t imagine this family’s pain. And it didn’t have to happen.

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    They’re changing the demographics of the country for political reasons. I’m so sad for that family, yet they are just one example, out of the thousands of American citizens murdered, raped, robbed assaulted, etc.

    The govt is aware of the mayhem. So the only conclusion that can be reached, is that these crimes against American citizens are acceptable losses to them in the realization of THEIR goals.

    There better be a serious, sudden, and relentless change in the politics of the new leadership in DC after the election. The top is about ready to blow otherwise…

    That Chick-fil-A appreciation day was a glaring example of how many people are fed up.

    My prayers go up for the Smiths.

  3. kennysolomon says:

    Bruce, the ‘acceptable losses’ as you so correctly put it, include every single person not agreeing with or toeing the administration’s Totalitarian hell-bent-for-‘change’ agenda.

    About six months after evil took hold in 2009, I saw something just like this for the first time:

    You have no idea how much I DON’T want that to happen and we rid our nation of the vermin through our normal and quite unique and regular peaceful exchanges of authority, then legislate things back to their proper and Constitutional venues.

    But as you well know, because I keep sending out the clarion call……… “Tool up, it’s coming”.

    • Bruce O'H. says:

      We have a 12 man committee precinct system in my Maryland County. In 2010, the Tea Party that I’m a member of placed 8 of our people on that committee. I thought more folks were aware of the Precinct Project.

      Kenny, coincidentally, I just, a few minutes ago, found out about this documentary that’s been blacklisted by Hollywood and EVERY American Film Festival. I’m going to post the link on my site and try to help disseminate it. You may want to also, after you learn about it… They Come To America.

  4. theprecinctproject says:

    First, our forefathers never would have allowed things to get this bad and, second, if they had gotten this bad, they would have organized and united locally for political action to fix things at the ballot box. Unfortunately, it seems we no longer have enough Americans who understand the basics of political action. As you know, right now, nationwide, about 200,000 of the approx. 400,000 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots are vacant. About one third of the precincts in America have not even one Republican precinct committeeman. Instead, we’ve had “patriots” organizing mass protests, thinking those protests would somehow cause the Dems in Congress to stop what they were doing and somehow get the Republicans in Congress to grow spines. Obamacare passed regardless. The ONLY way to fix things peacefully is through organized political action to increase voter turnout for our side’s constitutional conservative candidates. But nobody seems particularly interested in such mundane tasks.

    Oh well. America was nice while it lasted.


  5. Welcome to the reality of 21st century America under progressive Stalinists who call themselves Democrats.
    Wake up folks. No single election victory can change the trajectory of the nation. The damage done over the past century has been too great to overcome. Yes we can slow the tide, but we can no longer control what is about to happen to America over the next couple of decades.

    Are you ready to defend our constitutional republic the way our founders did? If not, be ready to be marched to the slaughterhouse like so many sheep!

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