‘We must prepare for conflict on multiple fronts.’

It’s about damn time somebody in a position of power realized it and actually said it too.


Israel must prepare for the possibility of a conflict on multiple fronts, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said Thursday evening.

Gantz referenced Sunday’s attack on southern Israel from the Sinai Peninsula as an additional concern to the already alarming Syrian civil war and Iranian nuclear threat.

The chief of staff, who was speaking at an event celebrating reserve soldiers, also hinted at possible cuts in the defense budget that would potentially limit funds for reservists’ training and war fighting equipment, vowing to oppose such steps.


We’ve been saying ‘multiple fronts’ here at Israel Survival Updates since before our website existed and still do to this day.

When – not if, but when – Israel is attacked, it will be from all sides at once – Sea, Air Land and from within.

It is also our opinion that the current administration of The United States will order our military to stop Israel from defending herself.


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2 Responses to ‘We must prepare for conflict on multiple fronts.’

  1. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    I have an uneasy feeling that when Israel is attacked, so will the USA come under fire. We have multiple characters within our borders sitting and waiting for the “Go” signal. Are we ready for this? “No”. If we don’t change the leadership of our country and prepare ourselves for the worst., we’re toast………Russia just built 5000+ nuclear bomb shelters. Do we have any? Please vote.

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    The Generals statement, I believe, was meant as a message to Israels enemies that she is prepared for an all out conflict.

    I fear that I lean towards Horrified in Hollywood’s assessment.
    There are numerous sleeper cells in America. We know without a doubt, that individuals from enemy jihadist countries have entered via our treasonously porous Southern border.

    There is some time, though. As they would have to wait for Syria to stabilize, under one side or the other, before they would attack Israel. They need Syria in their coalition.

    If we are able to get the traitorous Left out of power in November, and Syria is still in conflict through January, allowing the inauguration of an Israeli friendly administration…if, if, if…

    The most dangerous time for both Israel and the U.S. will be during the lame duck period. Lord only knows what the Leftist scum will do with nothing to lose.

    I pray that Israel stays safe, because if she is attacked, it could literally be the start of WW3.

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