Multiple updates — NY City Times Square area police shooting.

Former title of this posting: I ask the pertinent questions on behalf of Democrats and the left.

………after the news.


Updated a few times — Please scroll through.


Cops fatally shot a knife-wielding man in broad daylight near Times Square this afternoon after chasing him down Seventh Avenue from 44th Street to 37th Street, sources told The Post.

The victim sustained multiple gun shot wounds. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital at 3:12 p.m. while experiencing cardiac arrest and later died.

The madman, a 30-year-old male, had lunged at officers, who told him to drop the knife. When he refused to let go of the weapon, they pepper-sprayed him. When he wouldn’t go down, at least one cop fired in plain sight of shocked witnesses, sources said.

Video from a civilian witness aired on the local NBC station.

“He came out of the subway and flashed two people,” said a witness, who said the victim was African American and sporting dread locks. “He tried to flash a cop, but then took off down Seventh Avenue. They were chasing him down. They cornered him between 37th and 38th and he was still waving his knife.” About 12 cops swarmed the scene, he said.


There’s more at the link.


Now for some questions that need to be asked by every community organizer known to man.

1.   Why did teh eeeeevil cops have to shoot the guy ?   They could have talked to him.   They could have reasoned with the man.   They most definitely didn’t need to pepper-spray the dreadlock-sporting misunderstood soul.

2.   How many of the police involved were white ?   Latino ?   Black ?   Female ?    LGBT ?     Were all groups represented at the incident just in case another person from a different ethnic classification became embroiled in the fray ?

3.   Since evil scary-looking guns were used ONLY by the hands of law enforcement while attacking a poor dreadlock-sporting misunderstood soul, will the biggest of the Mayors Against Illegal (read that as any and all) Guns demand his department be disarmed ?   Maybe have them leave their duty pieces unloaded and locked in a safe within their patrol units until last-resort-necessary and only under a minimum of three-layers of authorizations to retrieve, load, draw and then a fourth layer of authorization to discharge the firearm when on the job ?

4.   Was anybody in the area – witness or otherwise – in possession of over-sized sweet beverages and salty snacks ?   If yes, why did the responding officers not halt their pursuit of the dreadlock-sporting misunderstood soul and arrest said much-more-worser-than-assault-with-a-deadly-weapon city statute violators ?

5.   Why has nobody blamed Bush yet ?

I’ll stop now.


=== === === ===


Update — 0100 Eastern ; 11 August 2012.

Thought of something while talking with a friend about this ‘little to do’.

According to every report I’ve seen, there were at least six, if not many more L.E.O.’s directly involved in active foot pursuit, plus others in vehicles responding to block streets, etc.    No idea yet how many of them opened up when they got to the critter.    From playing the video many times, it sounds like at least three different signatures.

That was a real-life mini-SHTF scenario over eight city blocks going with the traffic flow on a weekend mid-day……… in Manhattan.

What I want to know is, when they finally got the guy zoned and stopped, he charged at them and they opened up……… So……… What else got hit ?

People ?…… Cars ?…… Buildings ?…… No way they all grabbed center-mass or even lower/upper hits.

Most regular line L.E.O.’s aren’t that good.   Sorry, but that’s reality.   I see it at the range all the time.   The average L.E.O, never draws his firearm in the line of duty through his entire career and for the most part, doesn’t hit the range nearly enough.

And regarding varied scenario training for regular line L.E.O.’s……… Ever see the current budgets of departments nationwide ?   It’s embarrassing. bordering on criminal that those who choose to ‘keep the faith’, walk the thin line and safe our streets aren’t afforded even meager continuing training.


=== === === ===


Update — 1110 Eastern ; 12 August 2012.

The 51-year-old suspect, identified as Darrius Kennedy, was walking backward for seven blocks with cops in pursuit, appeared impervious to police pepper spray and refused to surrender his blade, witnesses said.

A dramatic video obtained by the NY Daily News shows Kennedy backstepping away from a horde of cops for several blocks until he’s surrounded — and then officers unleash a torrent of bullets.   Browne said two officers opened fire. Witnesses said Kennedy was shot at least five times.

At least 15 shell casings were on the sidewalk outside 501 Seventh Ave., where the cops opened fire.


This is NOT going to end well……… White L.E.O.’s, black suspect.


The questions need to be asked again and often:

Where did the non-contact rounds go ?

Will Mayor Michael Against Illegal (read that as any and all) Guns Bloomberg sanction his own police department for opening fire under the circumstances of a man having ‘only’ a knife and not an evil scary-looking gun ?

Where’s The Reverend Al, Jesse J., Louis F. and the rest of the usual community organizing suspects who normally by now would have slithered out from their race-baiting hidey-holes ?


=== === === ===


As a firearms instructor and someone who trains in all aspects regularly and often, I also must offer the following commentary:   Look at the still photo above – the one with the now-dead dreadlock-sporting misunderstood soul.

Notice anything ?

The hat-less L.E.O. near the center – Draw a line from him to the left of the picture.   Whaddya see ?

Another L.E.O., firearm drawn, within a very short width separation of his forward point man.   Everyone’s moving.   The slightest misstep easily becomes a real problem.   Blue on blue, etc.

It was the first thing I noticed about the photo.

That’s situational awareness.

Learn it.

Know it.

Live it.


=== === === ===


Update — 1605 ; 12 August 2012


Would have been his (at least) 11th arrest.


………Darrius Kennedy of Hempstead, N.Y., and a native of South Carolina.   Police said the encounter began Saturday when an officer approached Kennedy, who was smoking marijuana near the military recruiting station in Times Square, around West 44th Street and Seventh Avenue.

Kennedy became agitated, pulled out an 11-inch knife and began to put a bandanna on his head, police said.   He refused repeated orders to drop the weapon and began backing down the avenue, continuing for a number of blocks and drawing many officers into a slow-speed pursuit that took them south of Times Square.

Kennedy had been arrested 10 times, including seven for marijuana possession.   In 2008, he was taken to a hospital for observation after knocking down garbage cans in Times Square.


Slow-speed pursuit ?

Thank God he wasn’t driving……  A white Ford Bronco.


=== === === ===


Update — 2030 ; 12 August 2012


Items quoted are from The NY Daily News in one article:


As Kennedy lunged at the two cops with his knife, they fired 12 times.   Neither officer had discharged their weapon in the line of duty before, police said.   Both are from the Midtown South precinct.

One officer, age 33, fired nine times.   His partner, age 40, fired three times.   Kennedy was hit at least seven times, official said.   He died at Bellevue Hospital from gunshot wounds to the chest, groin, left arm and left calf.


Okay, we’ve accounted for seven rounds.

Where did the other five projectiles ‘come to a stop’ ?

Here’s a view of some of the casings:


“It doesn’t take 12 bullets to kill one person,” the dead man’s aunt, Margaret Johnson, told The News.   “I think it could have been done another way.”


Yes ma’am.   Sincere condolences on the loss of your nephew.   He may not have been of the highest stature in NY social circles, but he did not deserve what happened.   He needed help, not harm.


Mayor Bloomberg also said the shooting appeared to be justified.   “He had a knife and he was going after people,” the mayor told reporters.   “It’s just one of those terrible unfortunate events.”


You condescending hypocritical lying sack of Nanny-State s**t !

HOW DARE YOU Mr. Mayor !

Those were your own city’s evil scary-looking guns used against someone who could have and should have been subdued long before this moved SEVEN BLOCKS with hundreds of civilians out and about.

This death is as much on your hands, Sir, as it is on every single L.E.O. in contact with Mr. Kennedy attempting to do whatever it was they were doing other than actually trying to subdue him.

This is NOT the way L.E. is supposed to work, Sir.



Dammit, I’m getting more and more pissed off every time I think about what went down.

SEVEN BLOCKS of…… of…… of WHAT ?

Nobody on scene – not one L.E.O. in the responding force – nobody had a Taser ?

Really ?


I’d better stop now before y’all think I have a problem with L.E.O.’s and L.E. command.

I don’t.

I support L.E. every time they’re in the green.

This one though is shaking out towards amber, if not red.



And I still want to know where the ‘non-target’ rounds ended up.


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4 Responses to Multiple updates — NY City Times Square area police shooting.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    You realize that some of those 5 points are actually part of how the police in some EU countries works? Especially Scandinavian countries are ravaged by such things. If in those countries you shoot someone who’s trying to slice you with a knife, it’s not self defense, because you used the evil gun.

  2. Couldn’t open those vids, must be an iPad issue. But I found one here where black dude is screaming “that wasn’t a justified kill.”

    Yea, this isn’t going to end well.

  3. It looks like the same vid Kenny, didn’t know they embedded. Can take down my comment if you wish.

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