Oy Vey.

It’s gonna be a looooooooooooong season.


With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, ‘my’ Miami Dolphins select………

Yeah, that looooooooooooong of a season.


The original Miami Dolphins fight song:


The new lyrics for 2012:
Thanks to the late great Neil Rogers for inspiration.


Miami has the Dolphins, the world’s worst football team.
They drop the ball from goal to goal like no one’s ever seen.
They cannot run, they cannot pass, they have no ball control.
And when you say Miami, you’re talkin’ ‘toilet bowl’.

They are The Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins number (How many teams in the league ?) — 32.
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins make me blue.

Joe Philbin is the head coach, Regis knows much more.
Harvey Greene’s been here for years and he should run the store.
Tannerhill’s the new guy, his wife is quite the hottie.
But the team is so pathetic, someone get my shottie.

They are The Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins number (How many teams in the league ?) — 32.
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins we’re so screwed.


I love ’em, but if they somehow end up going .500 or better, then there really is a God.



But down here in South Flori-duh, we all know what really and truly matters regarding football:

Git-R-Done !


** Note: This will be an ongoing post, updated weekly after each Dolphin’s game and other times with any significant news regarding ‘my’ lovable-but-easily-crushable Doll-Feenz. **


Game 1: Houston 30, Miami 10.
Record: 0-1.

My Doll-Feenz did not disappoint.   As predicted, they lost and also as predicted, throughout the sixty-minutes played, they looked like s**t.

— — —

Game 2: Miami 35, Oakland 13.
Record: 1-1.

Well, here we are after the home opener vs. Raider Nation and th……

Wait…… What ?…… Who won ?!?

My-Hammie 35, RaiderNation 13 ?

Ho-Leeee-Sheeeeeeee-Yit !

Super Bowl !

😉 😛

— — —

Next up, the stinkin’ f’n Jets.


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One Response to Oy Vey.

  1. ObozoLies says:

    You get better entertainment from the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders than you do the Miami Dolphins 🙂

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