The peace lovers are bad enough.

Democrats are trying to kill us too.


A statement from The Emergency Committee For Israel, which will run this weekend during ‘my’ Miami Dolphins game.


Presented without further commentary.



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15 Responses to The peace lovers are bad enough.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    It’s a good ad. BTW, I followed the link and joined The Emergency Committee for Israel.

    A short story…I have a Jewish acquaintance, he’s a lawyer and a businessman. During the ’08 Primary I talked to him about Obama being anti-Israel. He laughed at me.

    I asked him yesterday if he still believes that Obama is pro-Israel. He answered with an emphatic and firm “yes”.

    I have no idea if he is a practicing Jew, or secular. But, I’ve got to tell you, that this man, who is above average smart, is so politically blind, scares me.

    It’s inexplicable to me…

    • Bruce, I can explain most of it.

      Ingrained for generations that “D” is “good and “R” is “bad”.

      NEVER any reasoning offered other than abject idiocy, which is all bought sink line and hooker by young skulls full of mush.

  2. Didn’t Judas deny Jesus 3x? What we are seeing here, and yes, Jesus was a Jew.

    • Does that mean if we say #HeilObama three times he gets one of those shrunken cityscapes to run around in while wearing prison stripes and singing “Jump In The Line” with those crazed lefty-loons Baldwin, Davis and Ryder ?

    • Bruce O'H. says:

      It was Peter who denied Jesus three times, before the cock crowed.
      I found the Democrat delegates vote denying G-d and Jerusalem three times to be very Biblically reminiscent, as I watched it the first time.

  3. jahbalon says:

    Excellent ad by the Emergency Committee For Israel and bang on the Dime.
    I can only think those American Jews who continue to vote for Obama, even after all these outrages and snubs are Fifth Columnists

  4. pjpaton says:

    Brilliant Advert by the ECI, if that dozen’t make the JINOS jump back in line for Israel. nothing will.

  5. pjpaton says:

    Brilliant advert by the ECI, if that dozen’t make the JINOS jump back in place for Israel, nothing will.

  6. NatureIco says:

    I reckon this should go along with the Emergency Committee for Israel’s advert. They both dovetail each other
    #Obama – The Anti-Israel President –

    • ObozoLies says:

      One can only hope the ECI advert and the nasty things Obama is doing to Jews and Israel will drive American Jews into the Camp of Mitt Romney.

  7. PrezHussain says:

    I doubt if anything will persuade these dyed in the wool Democrat Jews from voting for Obama again. They are brain dead and bigoted.
    You only have to look at those JStreet cuckoos

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