Abbas is a-sayin’ he’s outta heah.

Don’t count your bacon before it’s sliced.


“Abu Mazen [Abbas] feels hopeless and wants a replacement to be found for him,” the official said.

O-Tay, ‘Panky

“In addition to his frustration at the stalled peace talks and failed reconciliation efforts, recent protests against the high cost of living in the West Bank are the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


Snark first.

Sveetie, dahlink…… Zit down by your Aunt Gertie and tell us vass ess teh problem.

Nobody likes me.

Vell bubbe, iffen joo ‘n joo Moose-Leemb bruddaz in da hood stops try-eenk to kill all us Juice, den mays-bee vun er two peepelz vill tsay ‘come haff glass-tea vitt us’.


Truth to power next:

If Abbas does the boogidee, imagine the amount of out-in-the-open peace-loving the new Muslim Brotherhood peace-lover-in-charge will bring on board.

Better the devil you know, eh ?



Israel Survival Updates has received the official resignation video submitted by Mr. Abbas:


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4 Responses to Abbas is a-sayin’ he’s outta heah.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Dear Abbas, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

    Though I fear what kind of lunatic will replace him.

  2. ObozoLies says:

    We will never have a Peace Partner for Israel.
    Abu Mazen is the unacceptable face of Islamo Nazism

  3. PrezHussain says:

    Abbas has always blocked every attempt at peace. Olmert and Livni almost sold Israel down the river. Thank God Netanyahu and Barak are there now.

  4. jahbalon says:

    Abbas has made a political career out of being an obstructionist.
    Perhaps Salam Fayyad would be more flexible and ready to negotiate in good faith than Abbas is ?

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