……and with a double prayer bump, he’s gotta be correct.

Jooooooooooo !


An “expert” on Egypt’s Al Nas TV station has claimed that Bashar Assad — the Syrian dictator who has maintained his father’s decades-old hostility to Israel and who has blamed Jews for killing Jesus and trying to kill the Prophet Muhammad — is Jewish himself, a descendant of a Jewish dynasty that originated in Isfahan, Iran.

The Syrian president, who has slaughtered thousands of his own people in a vicious civil war in the past 18 months, is “the descendant of a dynasty of a man named Suliman al-Wahash who arrived in Syria in 1860 or 1870 from Isfahan in Iran,” an Egyptian sociologist interviewed by the station claimed.   Records show “this to have been a Jewish family,” the interviewee said, in a clip broadcoast by Israel’s Channel 10 news on Thursday.


A face only a Muslim Brotherhood could love:

That thar boy gots hisself bit on the forehead by a very large cobra.   That’s what made him an “expert” for knowin’ who is and who ain’t.


As for Assad being Jewish…… Bwahahahahahahaha !

Separated at birth.

Oye Presidente Asshat, choo a Jooooooooooo ?   Maing, dat meen choo gotta bee-hedd chooself.   Choo hole onna sekkund doh maing, firzt I gotta make da poppacorns.


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3 Responses to ……and with a double prayer bump, he’s gotta be correct.

  1. NatureIco says:

    I heard Erdogan is a Secret Jew too.Or is this the Arabs just washing their hands of one of their former heroes.

  2. ObozoLies says:

    But is Assad one of those Quasi Jews like George Soros whose real God is Money and Power ?
    Probably a load of baloney !

  3. jahbalon says:

    If Assad is a Jew, then I am a Dutchman LOL
    You gotta love these delusional Arabs

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