Thomas Friedman Beats Israel Black And Blue…… Again.

……and again and again and again and……


The columnist, who once wrote that Israeli “settlers” are the Jewish state’s version of terrorists, put the Palestinian Authority-Israeli conflict on the same scale as the prospect of a nuclear Iran that could not only blow up the Middle East but also could attack American bases.

“Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel has been loudly demanding that America publicly draw a ‘red line’ in respect to Iran’s nuclear program that would delineate exactly when the U.S. would launch a strike against Tehran,” he wrote Sunday.   “Bibi is Winston Churchill when it comes to demanding that the U.S. draw red lines, but he is a local party boss when America asks him to draw a ‘green line’ delineating where Jewish settlements in the West Bank will stop and a Palestinian state might start,” he continued.


Message sent to Mr. Friedman via Twitter:

@NYTFriedman — Sir, you are as dangerous to your own freedom and life as are the Muslims who want us all dead… You do NOT tolerate evil.


I’ll expand on that.

NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman is as responsible for what’s coming as is the abject madness of Israel’s President Shimon Peres demanding we all “Coexist”, which is right up there in complicity with  President Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) and his winds-have-shifted… “standing with the Muslims” in his mandate of “tolerance”, along with the typical Muslims pulling the triggers and wielding the swords themselves.


“………shall not be infringed.”


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4 Responses to Thomas Friedman Beats Israel Black And Blue…… Again.

  1. jahbalon says:

    Thomas Friedman is like Ed Koch and J Street, totally duped and absorbed in the madness and disease that is Liberalism. Let them continue to worship at the Altar of Baal ( Obama ). They will live to rue the day.

  2. pjpaton says:

    Tom Friedman is a very dangerous man. For a Jew himself he has an alarming contempt for the State of Israel.Jew in Name Only spring to mind with this man.

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