Down In Flames

Blown out of the sky on 6 October.

………UPDATED 7 October………


Israel — 6 October 2012, 10:00am local time.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crossed into Israeli airspace, and was intercepted by the IAF.


The IDF suspects that the small UAV intercepted Saturday morning by IAF jets over the northern Sinai was launched by Iranian proxy militia Hizbullah.

The defense establishment has been looking at the fragments of the UAV, which fell in the area of southern Mount Hevron.

According to reports, Israel initially suspected that it was launched from Sinai, but by Saturday evening, military sources said the military investigation showed the UAV had flown southward along Israel’s Mediterranean coast before turning east over Gaza and heading into Israeli airspace.   It is believed to have been launched from Lebanon.

The IAF’s Aerial Monitoring Unit identified the UAV, which was not armed and probably served only for intelligence purposes – collecting data about IDF bases and the IAF’s operational abilities.


Don’t let anyone tell you different:   A state of war exists.

Prepare yourself for the heretofore unfathomable:   The current administration of The United States to a) side with the Muslims, b) not have Israel’s back and c) quite probably order our military to stop Israel from defending herself.


Hizbullah, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood, etc…… They have one thing in common:   They’re all typical Muslims, abiding by Qur’an, Sira and Haddith.


Tolerance !


Coexist !




Israel — 7 October 2012, 11:00am local time.

The Air Force carried out “mock raids” at medium altitude over southern Lebanon Sunday, hours after Israel said all indications are that Hizbullah launched a drone that was downed inside Israel on Saturday, according to the Arabic language Nahar newspaper.

Israel previously has carried out surveillance flights over southern Lebanon, which is under control of the Hizbullah terrorist organization. Sunday’s flights, which have not been confirmed by Israel, apparently were a response to the drone.

Al-Mayadeen television, linked with Hizbullah, said the terrorist group launched the drone, which “traveled 100 kilometers deep inside Israel and sparked tensions.”

Iran’s government-controlled Press TV told Iranians that a former Lebanese general said that drone actually was mistakenly fired by the United States.


Mock, schmock…… HIT ‘EM !

Typical Muslims only understand and respect force.


As to the accusation El Guapo and the Totalitarians ordered a drone flyover of Israel…… A big part of me knows – not thinks, knows that’s a definite possibility and has probably already occurred more than once, given that the political winds have shifted in a ugly direction.



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15 Responses to Down In Flames

  1. pjpaton says:

    It’s on the cards now Kenny. All Hell could break loose any day now.
    Obama means he is stabbing Israel in the back, dontcha know that ?

    • NatureIco says:

      Looks like Iran, via their proxy Hisbollah are testing Israel’s defenses and readiness. I sure hope Barak and Bibi are on the ball, because I sense Iran will strike first. Crazy is as Crazy is.

      • Apparently PM Netanyahu and Ehud Barak are not speaking to each other.

        Bibi wants to defend Israel and the Jewish people and Ehud has gone over the dhimmi edge.

        Are we having fun yet ?

  2. Gotta say though, that was some great shooting.

  3. PrezHussain says:

    This could just be the start of the hostilities, opening shots like.
    I heard this so called spat with Barak and Bibi has all been stage managed to help Barak and his Independence Party for the Israeli elections on February 12th

    • Yeah, I heard the same thing about Ehud.

      When political expediency gets in the way of the literal survival of the nation and it’s people, that’s where my line is drawn……… Not a red line, not any other color either, but a laser line, where crossing it gets the political animals deservedly cut in half. After all, my last name is Solomon. 😉

  4. Edohiguma says:

    The comments on the video are interesting. The jihadis and their willing minions come out in force and throw around the weirdest crap. Some idiot claims that Israel has killed more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined. If that was true, there would be no islamo-fascist countries surrounding Israel.

  5. ObozoLies says:

    My guess is Bibi is holding back now to see if Mitt Romney can win on November 6th, then he can ask Romney to do the job for them. Funny how Shimon Peres has gone ominously quiet, should we be worried ? and then there is blabbermouth Shelly Yacomovich trying to steal Avi Dichter to Labor, its’ going to be fun and games now with the Israeli Election looming in the New Year

    • Waiting = Playing with (literally) radioactive fire.

      Thing is, if Israel does what has to be done, it’s a real strong bet that #HeilObama will order, or at least try to order our military to stop Israel in it’s tracks.

      We’re at that point where the election here may not matter, because there’s 74 days between then and Inauguration Day — That’s more than enough time for World War IV to start and finish a thousand times over.

      — — —

      Add/edit……… As for Peres, he can go spit up a rope. But regarding Ms. Yakimovich, she scares the hell out of me. She’s exactly like our dearly beloved current Secretary Of State / former co-president.

      • jahbalon says:

        I am very worried about those 74 days to Inauguration myself, Obama could go out with Big Bang, pardon the expression, or worse still, if beaten he might find an excuse to stay in office. I also heard the bitch Livni is coming back to form a new party too, God help us from this raving appeaser and lunatic

        • Yep……… and scarier still is if good ‘ol Tzipi and Lil’ Miss Shelley settle their (very few) differences and hook up as one to take down those who would save the Jewish state and people, things in Israel could instantly ignite from within.

          • jahbalon says:

            If you think that is a bad scenario throw the crackpots Mofaz and Olmert into the mix, and don’t forget that nutter Haim Ramon too. Talk about the Good, Bad and the Ugly. As long as we don’t end up with flipping Peres again

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