If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us.

Hillary says there’s nothing to see here.

These are not the typical Muslims you are looking for.

Move along.


Washington cannot be deterred by “the violent acts of a small number of extremists.”

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

“But we have to stand with those who are working every day to strengthen democratic institutions, defend universal rights, and drive inclusive economic growth.   That will produce more capable partners and more durable security over the long term.”


Madame Secretary, the “democratic institutions” you speak of all have one thing in common:   The Muslim Brotherhood.   It’s who they are, top to bottom and side to side.

Those are the very people who will laugh hysterically in your face after they cash the Jizya check and then place a sword at your neck.


Some folks say Mrs. Bubba Kankles, along with the entire #HeilObama administration are detached from reality.   They’re not.   They’re part of ICR2P in a multiple-decades-long hell-bent-for-leather ‘nudge’ creating it’s own narrative that’s becoming reality.

These Totalitarian scumbags swear up and down that they can control the peace lovers.


Kenny Solomon
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Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Riding in memory of my dad, Roy Solomon, US Army, 63rd Engineers, WWII Europe.
In memory of my uncle, Col. E. J. Lasner, US Army, Europe, Viet Nam and USA.
In memory of my grandfather, Cpl. Samuel Lasner, US Army, WWI, France.


In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.


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One Response to If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Meanwhile G8 will give the jihadis some money to “help with the transition” in the Arab Spring http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20121013b7.html


    In that context Hitler was a bit dumb. He could have gotten some money out of the Brits and French.

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