There is nothing to see here.

This is not the typical bitter Allah-clinger you are looking for.

Move along.


Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, parked a van filled with what he thought were real explosives outside of the Liberty Street building, sources said, then tried to set them off using a cell phone detonator.

Nafis obtained 20 50-pound bags of explosives from an undercover FBI agent that he met on the Internet, authorities said.

In a statement meant to take responsibility for the attack, Nafis said he wanted to “destroy America,” by targeting its economy.


Just another typical MooseLimb loving peace just like any good Quranimal does every day.



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2 Responses to There is nothing to see here.

  1. This is just like those Cleveland bridge bombers. FBI CLAIMS they had bogus stuff bought from them but as usual MSM was silent and didnt even attend rally in August to draw attention.

    • Look, just because an election that can literally put one of the final nails in the coffin is three weeks away and it’s a given that the DoJ is part of the Totalitarian takeover and Bloomberg is looking for any excuse to clamp down even more on NY City residents doesn’t mean this could even remotely be a ‘wag the dog’ scenar……… Oh……… Wait………………

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