On August 19th 2012, I made a prediction.

That was just over two months ago.

Looks like I was spot on.


On August 19th 2012 in a posting here at Israel Survival Updates entitled “Televisado Futbol En Los Estados Unidos“, I made a prediction that was beyond obvious as to it’s inevitability and yet many people continue to be of the mindset that “it can’t happen here”.


The following is an excerpt with the top line as an embedded link to the posting:


The English Premier League (EPL) full television contract expires at the end of this season.

Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.

Soccer, advertising, ‘news’ features, editorial content.   That’s the least of the ‘problems’ about to be dealt with.

Many professional soccer teams worldwide are already owned and/or sponsored by typical Muslim filth.



Fast forward to today — 26 October 2012 — just over two months have passed.


(AP) — English Premier League games will no longer air on Fox’s networks in the United States after this season.

Fox Sports Media Group said in a statement Friday that the EPL informed the company it would not be accepting its bid. Fox Soccer had been the primary U.S. outlet for the Premier League for almost two decades.  Fox sublicensed some of its games to ESPN.


Once again…… “Big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.


Al Jazeera sets sights on English Premier League for UK and Middle East / North Africa.

— and —

Al Jazeera unit to bid for Premier League TV rights for all of North, Central and South America, plus the Caribbean.


This has nothing to do with the sport itself, nor the dollars generated.

This is about command and control — The Shari’a way or no way.


Many if not all of the EPL teams already have some form of typical bitter Allah-clinging Muslim filth ownership and/or major sponsorship.

In order to obtain exclusive world-wide broadcasting rights, here’s the literal one-sentence business proposal from Al-Jazeera’s “beIN” network to the English Premier League:  ‘Sign with us right now, or every Muslim EPL owner folds his team and all sponsorships of remaining clubs disappear overnight’.

This broadcast rights deal is also going to be one of the final nails in the coffin for what remains of England as a sovereign nation.


Still think “it can’t happen here” ?


It already did.


By the way, did you know the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars are owned by a Muslim ?   Yessum, that they be.

Dude is a Pakistani billionaire who came here from Lahore as a young skull full of Shari’a mush and settled in…… Of course…… He settled in Obamaville / Rahmbostan / The Windy City.



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2 Responses to On August 19th 2012, I made a prediction.

  1. jahbalon says:

    The Muslim Billionaires are muzzling into the Sports Business all over the world. It is all about investing their ill gotten gains in mediums where they can flatter their own over inflated egos and as a device from which to control the Masses. All part of the Global Jihad on the West.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Thank Blair and Brown for this. They brought the UK and with it England to where it is today.

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