Please remember to flush before leaving.

Wash your hands too.


Home of Mohammed’s wife turned into a public toilet.

Historic sections of Mecca and Medina have been bulldozed to make way for gleaming shopping malls, luxury hotels and enormous skyscrapers.

The disregard for Islam”s early history is due to the Saudi regime”s adoption of Wahabism, an austere stream which scorns all forms of idol worship, including shrines and pilgrimages to graves, the paper explains.


Bwahahahahahahahahaha !


The Schmidlap’s are headed home from a party and Mr. Schmidlap is hammered, pounded, snookered.

Mrs. S. drove and the entire way, Mr. S. was rambling on about the amazing gold toilet at the Parker’s house.

The next morning, Mr. S. comes down stairs and starts in again…… “I tell ya Janet, that was a great party last night, the food was fantastic and the Parker’s gold toilet was really impres……

“John, there is no gold toilet at their house.”

Janet, I may have gotten a bit popped, but I swear to you, they have a gold toilet.”

“A bit popped ?…… You were blasted.   I have to call Mary and apo……

“Whatever…… I need some coffee and a something to ea……

… … … … …

A phone call is made.

“Hi Mary, it’s Janet.   I want to thank you for the party last night and apologize for John being cranked.”

Hi Janet, it’s okay.   We all got kind of ‘happy’ last night.   John was really feeling it though.”

“Yeah, about John…… He keeps saying something about one of your bathrooms – I didn’t see it – Did you just re-do one of the rooms and put in a gold toilet ?’

“Hold on Janet.” …… (Takes the phone away from her face and yells upstairs:)  “Harry !…… I just found out who s**t in your tuba !”




Kenny Solomon
Senior Expediter
The 72 Virgins Travel Agency
Offices throughout all 57 states in America


What a great day.

First, Tottenham wins 2-1 over Southampton…… Come on you Spurs !

Then, ‘my’ Miami Doll-Feenz put a whoopin’ to the stinkin’ f’ing Jets.

Plus, Jamie had a halfway decent day at a track where he doesn’t do all that well – 17th at Martinsville.

Cherry on top:  The newest Quranimal amusement park opens with it’s signature attraction:  S**t On MoeHamHat’s Wife’s House.


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One Response to Please remember to flush before leaving.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Which of his 15 wives? They’d never do that with Moham the Mad’s own house. Only with women’s homes.

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