Celebrate good times, come on !

It’s a celebration.


Do you, MoeHamHat KillTehJuice take Aisha LooksAndSmellsLikeAGoat to be your wife ; to have and to hold at gunpoint ; in sickness of jihad ; till her sudden and violent death at your hands will you part ?

I do.

Do you Aisha LooksAndSmellsLikeAGoat accept MoeHamHat KillTehJuice and the standing order to wear a burqa ; submit yourself 100% of the time, no matter the inconvenience ; in sickness of jihad ; till your sudden and violent death at his hands will you part ?

I d…… Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt ZAP !


An electric shock killed 24 people, and wounded 30 others, mostly women, celebrating a wedding in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia early on Wednesday, Al Arabiya correspondent reported.

The wedding was held in “Ain Badr” village, in Abqaiq, 60 kilometeres southwest of the Dhahran-Dammam-Khobar metropolitan area.

The disaster occurred when a high voltage power line fell down and touched the metal door of the house where the wedding was being held, according to sources from the Saudi Civil Defense.


Wait……… Something’s missing……… Doesn’t sound like th………

Ahhhhh, that’s better………


(Reuters) — Celebratory gunfire at a wedding party in eastern Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night brought down an electric cable, killing 23 people, a local civil defense official said.

Saudi Arabia banned the shooting of firearms at weddings, a popular tradition in tribal areas of the conservative Islamic kingdom, last month.


What a bunch of typical bitter Allah-clingers.

Guns, guns, guns.

Any time’s the time for guns.

Has to be Bush’s fault for allowing evil scary-looking ‘assault weapons’ to cross the Antarctic border with Belgium and fall into the hands of enraged Tibetan Monks who have had it ‘up to here’ with the Amish for centuries.




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One Response to Celebrate good times, come on !

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Such intelligent, cultured people.

    Deaths and injuries are pretty common at such weddings, this one just stands out because they did a little electric bugaloo. All of us shooters know: what goes up must come down.

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