20 ; 5 ; 120

Transports ; Tankers ; Engines.


Lawmakers have 30 days to block the sale although such action is rare since sales are carefully vetted before being publicly announced.


The only “vetting” being done is someone making sure the wire transfers clear to the offshore banks, silencing any squeaky wheels.


20 C-130J-30 transports ; 5 KC-130J refueling tankers ; 120 engines



Spare parts ; Training ; Logistical support



Lockheed Martin — A company which was begged to not and which did not announce mass-layoffs before a rather recent and predetermined outcome election.

General Electric — Whatashocka.

Rolls Royce — God forbid all the project money stays in America.

Saudi Arabia — The customer — $6.7 Billion investment in the west for their war against western civilization.


$6.7 Billion — That’s before all the ‘unexpected cost over-runs’, ‘unforeseen’ union demands, skimming off the top by anyone in the chain with the desire to do it, etc.

Of course this sale needs to be blocked.

But the only thing that every single one of the (thoroughly corrupt, treasonous and dangerous to the continued existence of our republic) scumbags in DC will be saying is, “Jobs, jobs, jobs !




Here’s a thought.

Remember how I keep imploring you to ‘think big picture…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER’ ?

Bigger picture:

How about ‘offers that can’t be refused’ ?

Hi there, Mr. Lockheed Martin.   You might want to hold off on those layoff notices until after the election and not only will you get a very nice contract or two for some aircraft, but avoiding announcing layoff should also stop that all-encompassing full-corporation audit and senior executive personal audit the IRS is planning to announce the day after the election.


The left has had d e c a d e s to get their people in place.

What’s the odds on CEO’s and other major players – like maybe all the officers transferred into senior command and nominated for stars ‘n flags by #HeilObama being plants/feints, playing the game – making it look good – for years and when the time is right…… Nudge.


Yeah, you’re right.

It can’t happen here.

None of it.



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3 Responses to 20 ; 5 ; 120

  1. jahbalon says:

    Valerie Jarret is pulling all the levers.Obama is a stoogee in the front, but Jarret the Iranian is the Boss. Oh and Did I tell you Shimon Peres is going to run for Prime Minister in Israel backed up by Tzipi Livni. We are in Deep Doo Dah

    • pjpaton says:

      These sales must be blocked by the Congress. They are a clear and present danger to our greatest ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel.However I fear the Democrat controlled Senate will pass it under Harry Reid.

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