Bibi !…… No !…… Don’t !

PM Netanyahu, sir, please…… Don’t tell them a single thing.

Especially US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro…… Give him nothing, not even a handshake.


Netanyahu calls meeting with all foreign ambassadors in Israel.

In what may be preparation for an Israeli attack in Gaza, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is set to meet on Monday with foreign ambassadors serving in Israel.

During the meeting Netanyahu will present to the ambassadors Israel’s position regarding Gaza, possibly setting the stage for such an attack which will likely lead to condemnation of Israel by world countries.


PM Netanyahu, sir, the ‘world countries‘ who would condemn any strike are the same ones you’re meeting with, plus the already declared enemies of Israel and the Jewish people.

Sir, it should be obvious by now that Israel is alone.

The only thing that can and probably will happen if you offer a bare-bones hint to even one of the ambassadors at what’s coming, is the US and those other nations will attempt to stop Israel in her tracks, going to the point of ordering military action and/or allowing the peace lovers to attack at will.

Give them nothing except maybe some coffee and then tell them to get out of your sight, tell them to get out of the way and preferably tell them to get the hell out of Israel.



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5 Responses to Bibi !…… No !…… Don’t !

  1. sc19710451 says:

    Even if my countries leadership doesnt show that we are behind you the majority of the United States’ CITIZENS are with you…… God speed mr Prime Minister and Israel’s people!!

    • I can easily envision El Guapo and the Totalitarians ordering our military to stop Israel.

      Question then is, how far down the chain of command do the orders get followed ? Stars and flags, plus senior command all serve at the pleasure of C-in-C and SecDef.

      The true depth of real evil in this administration hasn’t shown it’s face yet.

      • larueladue says:

        No, you are right, the depth of evil in the Obambi Administration has not been plumbed yet. But, unfortunately, I think we will know the answer here shortly…

    • pat says:

      I agree absolutely…majority of US support Israel..wish I could go and help you defend God’s people. May God keep you all safe.

  2. GOD be with Israel. We are at a loss as to what this crazy closet DUDE that they say was elected here will say or do. BUT GOD be for us who can be against us? I wish you all GOD’S speed.

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