Notice is hereby given……… It’s on.

Time for talking with peace lovers, other assorted anti-Israel governments and anti-Semites is disappearing…… Quickly has disappeared.

Updated — Israel opens fire on Syria.

Game on……… Play ball.


Scroll down for updates.


“The world must realize that Israel won’t sit by idly in the face of attempts to attack us.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“We are prepared to escalate our actions.”




“We aren’t going to let this stand.

Minister Of Strategic Affairs Ya’alon

We have many ways of exacting a price from the other side.  Everything is being considered.”



Updated — 9:30am Eastern 11 November 2012.


Israel opens fire on Syria.

After several warnings were ignored, Israel Defense Forces finally returned fire Sunday following Syrian Army shelling of the Golan Heights by Syrian regulars.


Notice is hereby given:

Choo banna pukk vit Teh Juice ?

Vell den, Teh Juice vill pukk choo cheet upp, maing.




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2 Responses to Notice is hereby given……… It’s on.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    And it’s about time, too.

  2. jahbalon says:

    It’s all about timing Kenny. Now is the right time to strike back with massive and overwhelming force.

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