Heeeeeere comes aaaaaa……nother one………

Here it comes again.

Heeeeeere comes aaaaaa……nothe……


Winner winner direct hit dinner !


IDF scores direct hit on Syrian target, after another mortar hits the Golan.

Israeli forces fire on source of shelling for first time ; Government officials unsure Syrian fire is unintentional.


Unsure ?

Really ?

Syria…… They’re typical bitter Allah-clinging peace-loving MooseLimb Quranimals.

It’s intentional.


The Muslim Brotherhood are starting their double-down.

Won’t be long until the balloon goes up and Israel is hit from all sides simultaneously.


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One Response to Heeeeeere comes aaaaaa……nother one………

  1. larueladue says:

    Yeah, if they get hit on all sides and our “Illustrious Leader” declines to help, I think we will get a definitive answer on whether or not Israel is a member of the nuclear/thermonuclear club.

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