You don’t frighten us, pig dog !

You empty-headed animal food trough wiper !


Guess who phoned home ?

No, not E.T., but you’re close enough.


Some powers are trying to tell us that the two-state solution doesn’t come from the UN but through negotiations,” Abbas said Sunday, speaking at a memorial ceremony for former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

“Negotiations are crucial. But to get UN recognition is also key.”


It was a one-sided phone conversation.


Listen and listen good young whipper-snapper.   We were well on the way to securing paradise while you were learning to say Tally-Ho Snackbar™ as a Kenyan ‘yout’ at an Indonesian Madrassa.

You don’t tell us what to do.   We own you.   We made you who you are.   You wouldn’t be ‘El Guapo’ if we didn’t cause it to be.   So bacdafuqup a bit and let us continue with MoeHamHat’s direction.


It can’t happen here.


Whatever you say.


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Riding in memory of my dad, Roy Solomon, US Army, 63rd Engineers, WWII Europe.
In memory of my uncle, Col. E. J. Lasner, US Army, Europe, Viet Nam and USA.
In memory of my grandfather, Cpl. Samuel Lasner, US Army, WWI, France.


In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.


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One Response to You don’t frighten us, pig dog !

  1. PrezHussain says:

    My guess is Bibi’s patience is wearing very thin, and Israel will totally annex Judea and Samaria. Put an end to Obama and the Arabs shenanigans.

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