Level it all.

A question needs to be asked.


But first, say good bye to Hamas Government Headquarters.


Notice the secondary explosions ?

That’s from the peace-loving munitions stored in the complex.


Israeli aircraft bombed three key Hamas buildings overnight. Apart from the government building, jets targeted a police station in Gaza City and a structure belonging to Hamas’ internal security service.

Despite the attacks, dozens of rockets have been fired toward south Israel overnight and during the early morning hours.



As stated above, a question needs to be asked.

How long does Israel have to finish the job (and I mean finish it) before they get asked/told/ordered/threatened by #HeilObama and the Totalitarians along with the rest of the western world via the UN to cease-fire or face the full force of the biggest ‘nudge’ the world has ever seen ?


And as if on cue………


“We are ready for a wide-scale ground operation, if necessary, but it should be noted that the IDF enters Gaza, it cannot be stopped in the middle; it needs to go all the way.”

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman

“This wasn’t done after the ground operation in Cast Lead.  We we paid a heavy price in world opinion and still did not achieve our goal.”


In other words…… Take it down…… All of it…… Nothing higher than twelve inches should be left standing…… If it doesn’t move, paint it…… If it moves, stop it from moving — Permanently — Then paint it.


Please see the comments below, as some ‘food for thought’ was added that after digesting and quite possibly passing to fruition, could and should make you puke.



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8 Responses to Level it all.

  1. jahbalon says:

    So far so good. It has been a brilliant military campaign by Netanyahu and Barak to date, and they have successfully destroyed huge stocks of Fajir and Grad rockets, and key Hamas military installations and headquarters.Not to mention they also took out key Hamas man Jabril and destroyed lots of underground tunnels to Egypt, where the rockets and missiles have been getting smuggled into Gaza.

  2. pjpaton says:

    Not much more I can add to Jah’s astute and shrewd comments above.
    Except to say ” Could Israel have agreed to some sort of deal with Obama, not to attack Iran before the election, in return for Obama giving them a free hand after the election ? ”
    Food for thought maybe

    • OK, the food for thought was digested and it almost made me puke.

      Should do the same to anyone who’s even the slightest bit aware of what’s going on.

      #HeilObama give’s Israel the ‘green light’ – by the way, no free nation should ever have to ‘ask permission’ to defend itself – and then, when Israel actually does go for it, the traitorous jihad-based administration waits a few days, maybe a week, then they’ll go full-bore on condemning all the violence visited on the ‘all-of-a-sudden-found’ photos and video of “innocent” civilians, parade said staged photos and videos of Muslim-self-inflicted-on-their-own-people deaths and serious wounds throughout the American state-controlled and willingly complicit media, etc.

      But that can’t happen here, so never mind I said anything.

  3. The anti-Semetic Obama, and world doesn’t give a s**t about the Jew. The world media and political leaders attacked Israel for its response to the rocket attacks from Gaza, and few are reporting on the rockets coming from the Sinai.

    America is finished as a reliable ally to Israel. Congress says it’s backing Israel, but only with meaningless words and gestures. Obama has already sided with Turkey’s PM Erdrogan on settling the conflict with between Israel and Gaza. G W Bush’s ‘Road to Peace’ give away of Gaza has been used as a launching area for thousands of mortars and missiles since 2006. Obama will fulfill his ‘hot mic’ pledges with Putin, but in the end the Word will be fulfilled, and Yahweh triumphs !

  4. pjpaton says:

    I was just sayin’ Kenny ..heh Just trying to start the debate.
    I agree with Joseph that the word will be accomplished. I believe in prayer, and God can change anybody’s heart if we pray diligently, heck he even changed Pharaoh’s heart.

  5. Barry in IN says:

    Go Israel go!

  6. Armed and Larry says:

    Once again I an reminded of the tactics used by allied troops advancing through Germany in WWII. If fire came from a town, they leveled the town, if the fire didn’t stop, they would use artillary and dropped bombs until the fire ceased.

    This is in accordance with the Geneva covention. If the terrorists are using civilians as cover THEY are the ones guilty of war crimes.

    War is hell, not a spectator sport. Terrorist’s cameras ARE a weapon and need to be targeted whenever they are found. The international media should be made to understand that when they pick a side, they have also become a weapon and will be targeted accordingly.

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