All but five days suspended, plus a year probation and anger management.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?


Bangor Daily News – A 62-year-old Cushing man will spend five days in jail after pleading guilty Wednesday to assaulting his estranged wife.   Fred E. Thomas pleaded guilty to 180 days in jail with all but five days suspended and was placed on probation for a year for domestic violence assault and indecent conduct.   A third charge of unlawful sexual contact was dismissed.

The incident occurred in July in Warren when his wife of 39 years, who was estranged from him, stayed at his place.   He offered her $20 for sex, and when she refused he took out his penis and struck her with it, according to the prosecution’s version of events to which he pleaded guilty.

Defense Attorney Justin Andrus said Thomas was tremendously upset that his marriage of 39 years was ending.   He said his estranged wife was planning to go to Pakistan to meet a man she met online.   “This was not his normal conduct,” Andrus told Justice Jeffrey Hjelm during the sentencing hearing in Knox County Superior Court.   Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald asked for Thomas to serve seven days in jail, while Andrus asked for just probation and no jail time.

Hjelm said a jail term was appropriate in this case.   “This was sexually aggressive conduct.   This couldn’t be much more offensive,” Hjelm said.   The wife did not seek jail time for Thomas but did ask that he undergo counseling for anger management, which was ordered.


A.Y.F.K.M. ?

Forget everything else – really – disregard all of it but one item:

“…..his estranged wife was planning to go to Pakistan to meet a man she met online.”


Excuse me ?

Anybody at The Bangor Daily News (or any other media outlet picking up the story) bother to dig even just a little bit a little bit and discover exactly what that’s all about ?

To which terror cell does the groom-to-be belong ?

How many times did the wife vote for #HeilObama to get State Department clearance for a trip to a peace-loving ‘peace-partner’ nation at the edge of full-scale war ?

I mean, it’s only a matter of standard US law that the spouse of an American Citizen is given ‘special dispensation’ and allowed though the front door…… So no worries mate, welcome to Teh Joo-knighted States…… Our water supply is kept over there and down yonder is the closest nuclear power plant.


I bet there’s nothing to see here and with his having a residence in Kennebunkport, it’s all Bush’s fault.


As to the accusation of event and resulting conviction of Mr. Thomas, there can be only one possible comment:


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5 Responses to All but five days suspended, plus a year probation and anger management.

  1. antitheistatheist says:

    ‘Headline: Bangor – Item, Assault with a friendly weapon earns 5 days in hoosegow for Bangor man’..

    While moll flees to.. Pakistan…??? What the..

  2. Bruce O'H says:

    She’ll be S O R R Y !!!

  3. jahbalon says:

    Good job his wife wasn’t Mrs Bobbit, she would have cut if off.
    Surely he could have dealt with this better. Married for 39 years and having to pay your wife for sex ? WTF

    • I say let her go.

      Enjoy your new life – Bon voyage – Hasty bananas and all that.

      Would love to see the look on her face as she sets her first foot on the ground over there and her new guy says one sentence: “Burqa or bullet to the head, your choice my love.”

  4. jahbalon says:

    Yep it would be a big wake up call for her I bet.
    And just wait until he introduces her to his other three home grown wifes = heh

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