W. W. P. — W. T. F. ? — A. Y. F. K. M. ?!?

The Wounded Warrior Project refuses to appear on or in any media connected with firearms.


No, that’s not a joke.


Click here for Mr. Tom Gresham’s column at Ammoland.com from 26 November 2012 and the entire mess, including e-mail exchanges between GunTalk Radio and The Wounded Warrior Project.


This is one of the saddest moments I’ve ever had regarding an organization helping true heroes.


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In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


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11 Responses to W. W. P. — W. T. F. ? — A. Y. F. K. M. ?!?

    • I’m not goin’ there.

      I don’t care if he made $320 million or $3.20.

      This is ICR2P infiltration – probably from day one, like I keep on about that big picture stuff – playin’ the game, layin’ low, nudging things in so slowly that nobody notices, then, wham.

      ……..and this mess is more than likely coordinated and/or in conjunction with the very same people wanting to strip vetrans of their 2nd Amendment rights if they can’t balance their checkbook.

      Remember – always remember – ‘big picture’……. No…… Bigger.

  1. NatureIco says:

    Sounds like pressure from above to me has made the Wounded Warriors change their policy, so they are no longer associated with firearms.That is an excellent report by Tom Gresham on his talk radio show, and ducking, bobbing and weaving by WWP’s CEO Steve Nardizzi tells a story to me.

    I would expect other associations with hidden Liberal leanings to start adopting the same policy towards the Gun Lobby in America, because of BHO’s re -election.

    I always read the comments below in these articles from contributors, as they also tell a compelling story. I urge anyone who reads this article to read it very carefully, all of it, and scrutinize the comments below too, to read between the lines.Very often the truth is there.

  2. pjpaton says:

    I agree with Matt Kaufmann’s comment at the bottom, that you would be better doing good works and efforts for charity, rather than give them your hard earned cash. Very often the money you donate to these charities don’t go to the people that should receive it.

    Same thing happens when you donate to charities abroad too, very often the cash gets siphoned off too other people. On the topic itself, I sense a growing orchestrated trend, maybe by the ICR2P, that hideous organization that Kenny refers too, to disarm the American people, something is in the air, and it ain’t good brother.

  3. PrezHussain says:

    You have to see the bigger picture here…nudge nudge…bigger picture anyone ?

    This is the New World Order ( Government ) getting its hackles into the Gun Lobby.One by one the others will fall like flies, so the Gun Lobby is ostracized and made a pariah entity.

  4. ObozoLies says:

    The day is coming when the NRA will have to stand up for itself and kick back at all those who wish to delegitimize her.

    We could do with the late and great Charlton Heston still around.

  5. jahbalon says:

    It looks like a concerted attack on the Second Amendment and the Gun Lobby. No good can out of this I suspect, as El Guapo has gave the order to take the weapons off American citizens by hook or by crook.

    This is all Cloak and Dagger Stuff, same stuff that downed Mitt Romney, all getting done by Stealth and Under the Radar, the UN will be in on it too I bet.

  6. The degree of separation between this and the scumsucking dirtbags who spit on returning Vietnam Veterans is not all that much. Only it may be worse, because their “concern’ for these vets apparently gives them cover for their agenda. A soldier’s right hand is his weapon, and these people are going to not bother hiding their loathing for firearms? So in the Vietnam instance, they called our soldiers evil. now they are apparently calling them stupid for being associated with firearms, if I am getting the gist of this right.

  7. I’ll reply to the last five comments here — In order:

    NatureIco — Yes on all of it.

    PJPaton — Spot on.

    PrezHussain — The gun lobby is already there, thanks to a one-sided media…… Tool up.

    ObozoLies — Except for Mr. LaPierre and ‘Uncle Ted’, I’m not sure I trust the NRA board as currently construed to stand up for anything, especially the director, who’s wife is one of the big-wigs at TheTeaParty.net, a VERY suspect entity at best.

    Jahbalon — Good. You’re starting to think big picture. But get it out of your thought process that El Guapo is leading it – He’s just another cog in the wheel one of the smaller gears towards the top that moves other ones faster, but just a part of the machine…… and this one is massive – over a century in the making.

    Bob — Yes sir, you are getting it right, but they’re not calling veterans stupid. they’re calling veterans incapable of taking care of themselves, so they are not to have ANY rights, not just 2A.

    Y’all see where this is headed ?

    Big picture…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.

  8. Got my callback after leaving message to end my donations to them, their excuse, we would need so many lawyers that would take money from our events to even try to let gun groups co sponsor with us…..BS!

    • The WWP is gonna need a whole lot more than attorneys when the edict comes down from on high – a.k.a. the admin of president-for-life #HeilObama – that bitter clingers supporting any veterans of the disbanded US military (instead of the currently active and permanent civilian defense force) is illegal, punishable by indefinite internment in one of those non-existent FEMA Camps.

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