The Wall

We don’t need no United Nations.
We don’t need no peace-loving clones.
No Quranimals attacking our classrooms.
Hey !… MooseLimbs… Leave Israel alone !

All in all it’s just armed Eeeevil Jooooooooooos on the wall.


The Defense Ministry on Wednesday announced the completion of the main section of the 142-mile (230 km) Israel-Egypt border aimed at preventing the entry of migrants, terrorists, and smugglers.

The fence, comprising 45,000 tons of building material, took two and a half years to build at an estimated cost of NIS 1.4 billion ($377 million) and employed more than 100 contractors and 1,000 workers.

Reaching a height of 23 feet in certain areas, it includes a barbed wire fence, a dirt road, a patrol path, and communications infrastructure such as cameras and radar.  It’s considered the most complex engineering project undertaken by the Defense Ministry due to the rough terrain.

“We restored our control of the border. It’s a huge accomplishment; we’ve achieved the impossible……… “The same way we prevented the ‘infiltrators’ from entering Israel, so we will return those who are located in our cities.”


Not enough.

Where’s the Dillon’s ?

Gotta have 134’s.

Those lil’ darlin’s need to be stationed all along the Israel side of the border – and also have some extras mobile and airborne – all of them manned 24/7/365, with orders to shred anything ‘foreign’ crossing the into the nation’s line of demarcation by as much as a millimeter.



Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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One Response to The Wall

  1. Congrats to Israel on completion, it’s a testament to her ingenuity and fortitude.

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