France declares war against Mali.

Attaquer les gens bruns !

Amener du vin, le fromage et n’oublie pas le drapeau blanc !

UPDATE — “Nous aider Obi-Wan Obama, vous êtes notre seul espoir (pour le changement).”

UPDATE — Le gouvernement Français est choqué – choqué je vous dis – que Mali Musulmans sont des combattants bien équipés et entraînés.

UPDATE — La France bombarde des villages à Mali.


The #HeilObama administration is providing communications and transport assistance.

(Update below — Scroll through.)


(AP) — Troops from Mali’s neighbors are expected to join hundreds of French soldiers in the battle to push back Islamic extremists holding Mali’s north, a fight that in its first two days has left at least 11 civilians dead, including three children who threw themselves into a river and drowned trying to avoid falling bombs.

Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Nigeria agreed on Saturday to send soldiers, a day after France authorized airstrikes, dispatching fighter jets from neighboring Chad and bombing rebel positions north of Mopti, the last Malian-controlled town.

Britain has offered the use of its transport planes in order to help bring in the soldiers, according to a statement released by Prime Minister David Cameron’s office in London.

The African soldiers will work alongside French special forces, including a contingent that arrived Saturday in Bamako in order to secure the capital against retaliatory attacks by the al-Qaida-linked rebel groups occupying Mali’s northern half.  National television broadcast footage of the French troops walking single-file out of the Bamako airport on Saturday, weapons strapped to their bodies.  Some carried them like skis, against their shoulder.




Interior Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told French radio:  “There are raids happening at the moment, there will be more this afternoon and tomorrow.”

“The determination of the French President is absolute:  We must eradicate this terrorism that could threaten the security of Mali, the security of our country (France) and of Europe.”



France has a history of attacking Africa.

Wait…… I thought France was a surrender monkey on steroids……… Isn’t France filled with cowards ?……… France’s new president is a peace-at-any-price leftist submitting to Islam on a daily basis, so why would he authorize any atta………………


Le Couteau Français d’Armée


It’s Bush’s fault !……… Confiscate all guns from Americans !    😉


All kidding aside, this isn’t France, this is ICR2P – The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect.

And it’s escalating.



Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.

As in 54 sovereign nations, 9 official territories and 3 ‘whateveryouwanttocallits’ bigger.

The embedded link just above  – “54, 9, 3” –  is quite important to read through, as most Americans haven’t the slightest clue what’s being done with and to our own military.  Hell, many in the military don’t even realize it, or (to paraphrase Robocop):  ‘There would be…… trouble’.


UPDATE — 1:30pm Eastern, 13 January 2013.


(AP) — France’s foreign minister says the United States is providing communications and transport help for an international military intervention aimed at wresting Mali’s north out of the hands of Islamist extremists.

Laurent Fabius says Britain, Denmark, and other European countries also are helping. Fabius said on RTL radio Sunday, “We have the support of the Americans for communications and transport.” He didn’t provide details.

U.S. officials on Saturday said they had offered to send drones to Mali.


Update 2:50pm Eastern, 13 January 2013.

Thanks to good friend of Israel Survival Updates Joe Maloney for the following news:


French forces in Mali have been taken by surprise by the fighting strength of the Islamist radicals they are attempting to drive out of the center of the country, it emerged on Sunday.

Aides to President Francois Hollande admitted the militants were better equipped, armed and trained than they had expected.  “What has struck us markedly is how modern their equipment is and their ability to use it,” one said in a reference to the rebels’ hit on a French Gazelle helicopter.


Just what the hell did France expect ?…… MooseLimbs to see les soldats Français and simply give up ?

Peace lovers love peace too much to ever give up loving peace.

Quranimals fight to the last man and then some.

Muslims are mandated to hate, kill and destroy until meeting their 72 virgins in “paradise”.  That’s in their books — Qur’an, Sira and Hadith.

Look it up.




French fighter jets bombed rebel targets in a major city in Mali’s north Sunday, pounding the airport as well as training camps, warehouses and buildings used by the al-Qaida-linked Islamists controlling the area, officials and residents said.

The three-day-old French-led effort to take back Mali’s north from the extremists began with airstrikes by combat helicopters in the small town of Konna. It has grown to a coordinated attack by state-of-the-art fighter jets which have bombarded at least five towns, of which Gao, which was attacked Sunday afternoon, is the largest.


Now for the money quote — Same article.

Dude’s name is Oumar Ould Hamaha.  He’s the on-high chief muckety-muck, cook and bottle washer of the peace-loving MooseLimb Quranimals in Northern Mali.


“Our jihadists are not a bunch of sheep waiting to be slaughtered inside a closed pen,” said Hamaha.

“Listen closely to me.  Our elements are constantly on the move.  What they hit is a bunch of cement.  France is going to reap the worst consequences possible from this.  Now no French person can feel safe anywhere in the world.  Every French national is a target.”


A really big part of me (and probably you too) wants to laugh at this and if we do, we probably won’t be able to stop laughing for a while.

No, not laughing at the peace lover’s mug, or his words.

Laughing at the newest and most-loved targets of opportunity – Les Français.   Peaceniks extraordinaire, who for once REALLY went ‘n stuck  their collective Johnson in a desk drawer and slammed it shut as many times as they can.

Look, I’m not suggesting anything – well, yeah, I guess I am – but wouldn’t it be a rather good idea Mr. French leftist p.o.s. president that if you were gonna go in and try and wipe out the bad guys, you’d actually do it on the first run ?

Surgical strikes don’t work.

Ask Israel.

Ask ‘the new America’.

Y’all can’t be nice in war.

The job of ‘the good guys’ in a war is to do it right.  Just for a brief moment in time, turn into an overwhelming force, go in, break things, terminate every single thing that moves, not get any of your own injured or lost in battle, then get the hell out as fast as possible.

This place Mali is basically the a-number-one sh*thole central of sh*thole centrals.  If you breathe on a structure over there a little too hard, what passes for a foundation visibly shifts.  And to top that off, the place is run by sh*ttier holes somehow passing for human beings.

Go kick some Quranimal too-shay, Mr. leftist p.o.s. French president…… Or is that not the actual goal here ?


The commonality in this mess — That BIGGER picture:  ICR2P is moving to  ‘nudge’ every country – Quranimal nations included – into a single entity.  A one-world final solution which has no America, no Israel, and features the complete and total removal of anything close to a hint of what could be considered a nation’s sovereignty, plus the thorough stripping away of freedom, and all individual rights throughout the world, with the only ‘religion’ allowed being total adherence and subservience to the almighty state.

Yes, these Totalitarian maniacs will tell you up and down that they can control the peace lovers.

There’s also the abject nightmare of…… God help us all if ICR2P and the MooseLimbs decide to shelve their differences for a bit, work together in ridding the world of ‘the western way’ along with all ‘infidels’ and when the dust settles they’ll fight it out amongst themselves for the whole thing.

In other words…… This is for keeps.  They are NOT playing games.  The entire planet is approaching a true point of no return ‘go’ moment and when that’s reached……… Oy vey.


Laisser détaché les chiens de guerre !




Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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4 Responses to France declares war against Mali.

  1. jahbalon says:

    Qui Qui Monsieur ! You are bang on the dime as ever.
    This war is against anything other than Islam. Islam is the religion of the NWO

    • pjpaton says:

      I agree with #Jah, this is a Global War against the Jihadi Islamists. World War 3 has started already. Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be one helluva hairy ride !

  2. Obozolies says:

    One consolation Kenny is that Yacomovich, Livni and Peres are not in charge of Israel’s affairs.

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