T-T-T-Twitter And Teh Jooooooooooos

In France.


(AP) — A French court has sided with a Jewish group seeking to identify authors of anti-Semitic messages that circulated the social network Twitter last autumn.

The Paris court ordered Twitter to turn over to the French Union of Jewish Students whatever data it has that could help identify the account holders who posted the tweets.  The court also ordered Twitter to make it easier for users of its French website to report “illicit content” such as apology for crimes against humanity and incitation to racial hatred.

Twitter is free to comply or not with the court order as the U.S. company has no personnel or offices in France.  Last October, the company bowed to complaints and agreed to pull the anti-Semitic tweets, which included slurs and photos evoking the Holocaust.


A non-binding court decision ?



Who the h*ll brings a lawsuit into a non-sanctioned court ?…… The ‘Ermegherd’ girl ?


Okay, I ‘went there’.

No apologies. 😉


Hey Jooooooooooos,
Get your yarmulke’s together,
The menorah’s light’s on something,
That’s been known to change behavior.
We’ll melt the golden calf tonight, so followers abound.
You’re gonna hear Klezmer music, solid Western Walls of sound.

Say, Sadie and Bernie, have you seen them yet,
They’re so hashtagged out,
T-T-T-Twitter and Teh Jooooooooooos !
Oh but the timeline is wonderful,
Oh Bernie she’s really #jcot,
She’s got on lists like you, in ‘gulag’ too,
You know I read it in a blog-a-zine.
T-T-T-Twitter and Teh Jooooooooooos !

Hey kids, plug into the profiles,
Avatars are (mostly) fake,
And Bernie makes them spamless.
#TGDN shall survive, let us take Todd along.
Where we fight #P2 and #JStreet,
To show them we’re right and they’re wrong.

Say Hilda and Moishe, have you DM’d them yet,
They’re so hashtagged out,
T-T-T-Twitter and Teh Jooooooooooos !
Oh but new TweetDeck is wonderful,
Oh Bernie she’s really #jcot
She’s got on lists like you, in ‘gulag’ too,
You know I read it in a blog-a-zine.
T-T-T-Twitter and Teh Jooooooooooos !


©2013 KLS/I.S.U.
It’s a parody.  Laugh a little.  😛


Original lyrics and music (that’s now stuck in your head) ©1973 Dick James Music – From the Elton John recording “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.


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Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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9 Responses to T-T-T-Twitter And Teh Jooooooooooos

  1. Ha ha Kenny. I like it a lot. #tgdn

  2. jahbalon says:

    Gotta love it Kenny ! But wait to El Guapo censors the Internet and silences all his critics.
    Just count your lucky chickens we didn’t end up with Livni, Peres or Yacomovich as Prime Minister

  3. pjpaton says:

    The Arabs have actually bought up a chunk of Twitter and Fox Shares.
    You can’t trust any medium nowadays for openness, transparency and honesty.

  4. The whole of Europe and this president and his fellow leftists are seeing the destruction of Israel by surrounding it with mad dogs with weapons and we are talking about slander on Twitter? perhaps, just perhaps they have their anger misdirected.

    • Actually JBP, it makes perfect sense.

      ICR2P, Totalitarians, leftists and our own Democrats distract the masses, by making a splash in main media that ‘hey, we’re doing something’…….. and of course in this case, downplaying and making light of the ‘non-binding’ factor of this French pseudo-court.

      The distraction: About two weeks ago, France declared war on Mali and El Guapo ordered our military to transport ’em wherever they want to go.

      Remember……… There’s 54 sovereign nations, 9 official territories and 3 ‘whateveryouwanttocallits’ on the African continent.

      Mali is a center of a region – a pivot point for strategic and tactical logistical operations.

      ICR2P – The International Coalition For The Responsibility to Protect – The enforcement arm of the UN Arms Treaty that’s being forced in everywhere.

      I beg of everyone…… PLEASE think ‘big picture’.

      No…… B I G G E R.

      • To me bigger is “Reverend” Wrights hateful anti Semitic teachings to Obama and what he has allowed to happen since 2008, amassing the killers all around Israel, hell they don’t have one “friend” in the whole damn neighborhood, the Twitter thing strikes me as small ball, when you are about to be “pushed into the sea”….do I think Israel will take the whole region down with them? I can only hope so! Do you think America under Obama will defend them? or France, or any European nation? they are all anti-Semitic it brings to mind the “pigs and dogs” thinking of no not Morsi, to easy, but the Nazi’s and Europe WWII and America’s willful ignorance of same!

        • JBP, since you’ve known me, what have I been saying ?……… When le merde indeed does encounter le ventilateur, President-For-Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) will not only refuse to have our military actively defend Israel, but will undoubtedly order our forces to stop Israel from defending herself.

          Our military is being redefined to obey all orders, Constitutionality and morality be damned.

          Our military is being sent throughout the African continent to spread the wealth of ICR2P – the reality of a one-world Totalitarian government.

          I can go on for many other items, but time is growing VERY short and Americans better start understanding what’s coming……… A massive ‘nudge’ that will be generated to kick off a complete clampdown on all individual and state’s rights, a complete collapse of American and western societies and economies, ‘forcing’ what passes for human f’ing beings in current ‘government’ to ‘restore order’ by any means necessary……… Including taking out major percentages of nation’s populations just to prove the point of ‘yes (they) can’.

  5. The MAD Jewess says:

    Kenny: I should email you a chat session I had last night; ALL Jew hatred. Sickos

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