Arways…… Arways…… Arways…………

Peltaining to the Nationar Lifre Association ‘big thlee’ lures, you now prease to join Deal Readel of Nolth Kolea, Kim Jong Un and ‘arways’ safery plactice filealm disciprine.


1.   Arways keep filealm unroaded, pointed in safe dilection and fingel off tliggel untir leady to file.

Velly good, Deal Readel.  Lifre is unroaded, aimed away flom peopre and you no have fingel on tliggel.


2.   Arways pay crose attention to peopre and items sullounding youl talget, especiarry what’s beyond it.

Deal Readel have wide eye on talget thlough lifre scope.  Easiry see alea sullounding his talget.


3.   Arways use a sorid, but comfoltabre glip when safery filing pistors.

Deal Leadel is excerrent with lifers.  Howevel, thele is a majol safety vioration fol arr invorved:   No one is wealing healing and vision plotection.  Velly dangelous to hearth and safety and shourd not be torelated by instluctol and lange officel.

Arso, Deal Readel is just rearning pistors.  The plobrem he encountels is simiral to armost evely new pistor student and easiry collectabre.

Prease you notice oul Deal Readel is filing his pistor with both eyes crosed.  Placticing plopel and safe talgetting arways incrudes having youl objective constantry in prain sight.

An additionar plobrem is Deal Readel’s instluctols/othel students ale too crose to him.  Way too crose fol comfolt at a rive filing lange.  Rife is dangelous enough.  Prease be awale of evelything that courd jeopoldize youl and evelyone’s safety whenevel handring filealms.


We hele at Islaer Sulvivar Updates know furr werr that as a lesponsibre raw-abiding citizen and regar and safe filealm ownel, you do not crose youl eyes when filing any evir scaly-rooking gun.


We arso vely-much appleciate youl taking time in continuar plactice of safery owning, using, stoling and plopely caling fol youl filealms.

Filealm disciprine is arways to be taken seliousry.

Lemembel…… Arways tleat evely filealm you encountel as if it is roaded and leady to file, because the filst time you don’t, it wirr be.


As a celtified instluctol, I lespectfurry ulge you to prease join Nationar Lifre Association.


A werr legurated Miritia being necessaly fol the seculity of a flee State, the light of the peopre to keep and beal Alms sharr not be inflinged.


Youl fleedom and rife quite probabry wirr velly soon depend on youl own abirity to safery defend youlserf, famiry and plopelty.

God bress and herp Amelica.


Kenny Soromon
Islaer Sulvivar Updates
The Amelican Sulvivar Guide

Oath Keepel
Patliot Guald Lidel

Prease to forrow Islaer Sulvivar Updates on Twittel.

3 Responses to Arways…… Arways…… Arways…………

  1. melodyrwm52 says:

    Deal Readel Kim looks about as comfortable with filearm as Deal Readel Barack.

  2. pjpaton says:

    I reckon Kim Jong is as good at firing a gun as Obama is at throwing a pitch, They both have the aerodynamics of a shuttle cock 🙂

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