NASCAR partners with enviro-terrorists.



NASCAR press release:


NASCAR Green Summit held in Chicago:

An assortment of global influencers, accomplished dignitaries and high-profile executives headlined the 2013 NASCAR Green Summit Delivered by UPS in Chicago.

Commemorating five years of innovative changes to the sport’s environmental footprint, the event examined the substantive initiatives that have helped make NASCAR the sports sustainability leader.

Founded on NASCAR Chairman & CEO Brian France’s vision, NASCAR Green has grown exponentially into one of the most powerful environmental awareness platforms in the country.  NASCAR owns the largest recycling, tree planting and renewable energy programs in all of sports.  It also put nearly five million competition miles on Sunoco Green E15, a biofuel blended with 15 percent American-made ethanol made from American-grown corn.

The 2013 NASCAR Green Summit delivered by UPS recognized a number of Official NASCAR Partners that continue to push the bar in driving sustainable behavior.  The program included executives from some of the world’s most influential brands, such as Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Eaton, General Motors, Liberty Tire, Safety-Kleen, Sprint, Sunoco, Toyota and presenting partner UPS.

NASCAR formally announced it will enter into strategic collaborations with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the NRDC.  NASCAR and the DOE will collaborate on advancing the adoption of clean energy technologies.  NASCAR and the NRDC will collaborate on several initiatives in the areas of energy usage, waste management and food consumption.

(NASCAR, 9-12-2013)


Notice that NASCAR doesn’t identify the NRDC by name ?

NRDC – The Natural Resources Defense Council.  A mecca for Totalitarianism under the guise of ‘green’.    a.k.a., An entity populated by typical Democrats.

We’ve reported on the massive amount of ‘nudges’ previously given NASCAR – Click here for one posting and there’s also a rather expansive posting at Israel Survival Updates entitled, “Boogidee boogidee boogidee……… Let’s accept a ‘nudge’ into oblivion boys !“.

If you’ve followed NASCAR even a little bit, you’ve definitely seen the ‘change’.   As of this moment in time, there’s very little ‘hope’ remaining to stop the total destruction of another truly unique American icon – NASCAR.


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One Response to NASCAR partners with enviro-terrorists.

  1. It’s just another American institution that has to fall, Kenny. The churches, the Boy Scouts, the NFL, the United Way, Congress.
    You’re right about the NRDC. NASCAR could have maintained some measure of plausible deniability in cooperating with DOE, but with the NRDC, there’s just no way .

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