48 Hours

No, not the movie.

It was the time frame of a warning.


The United States gave Israel notification on Friday, August 30, that it is about to launch a military strike against Syria within 24 to 48 hours.

“In Israel, phone calls were received both by the prime minister and the defense minister, as the Americans had promised, to give us prior notification – and they gave us notification of 24 to 48 hours.  They told us – we are going to attack Syria within 24 to 48 hours.”

The next day, President Obama “took a walk on the White House lawn and there he suddenly changed his mind”.


How magnanimous.

A few hours before the Sabbath begins, Israel was told by El Guapo and his Totalitarian anti-Semite administration that a strike against the typical peace lovers in Syria would commence within a day or two tops.

The Sabbath.

Israel is kinda sorta shut down for those 24 hours, sundown to sundown……… and that’s when President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) unilaterally – and without US Congressional consent – orders a military operation to commence against……… against……… against……… against who ?   The really bad typical peace lovers, or the really really bad typical peace lovers ?

But then, his Blackberry ‘dinged’, receiving a text message with orders from the Mullahs and President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) took a walk on the grass at La Casa Blanca and after a few minutes said, “Fuggedaboudit, yo”.


Why would President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) – a man who’s been continually ignoring Constitutionality and constantly usurping authority since minute one of his tenure – why would President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) hold off on attacking his fello……… Naaaaaaaaaaah. I ain’t a-gonna go there.


If Israel still doesn’t realize she’s on her own, maybe losing a city and half-a-million people or more under mushroom clouds and receiving zero backup from President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) and his Totalitarian anti-Semite administration will convince one or two people that ‘there’s a problem’.





Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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7 Responses to 48 Hours

  1. pjpaton says:

    It’s been pretty obvious since 2008 that Obama is no friend of Israeli, I am pretty sure all Israeli leaders know this, though Peres and Livni are maybe kidding themselves otherwise.It behooves Israel to seek Allies and Partners in other corners of the world, whilst faced with this Anti Semite Obama Regime.

    • Peres and Livni are just as much enemies of Israel as is El Guapo.

      We’ve gone over that numerous times here at Israel Survival Updates.

      I’m still wondering what Livni has hanging over Bibi’s head like a razor-sharp anvil that he put her, not only in a senior post, but a position that actually carries power.

  2. obozolies says:

    I reckon Bibi put Livni in that position because it feeds her Super Ego Kenny, keeps her occupied if you know what I mean. Remember what LBJ used to say ” Better having your enemies inside the tent peeing out the tent, rather than outside peeing in the tent ” 😀

    • That woman is not to be trusted for any reason. Through ties with J-Street and the far left of the far left, she is well-known to be actively assisting in the destruction of Israel.

      Keep her inside the tent ? Only if she’s locked up for the duration of all the peace loving activities and prevented from communicating with anti-Semitic governments.

  3. jahbalon says:

    Bibi knows what he is doing with Livni, she has to report to him directly on any move she makes with the Arabs in the “Peace Talks “, and for safe measure he has sent Molcho to keep an eye on her.

    • She shouldn’t be in the cabinet in the first place, needing to have an eye kept on her.

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if she’s taking some/many orders directly from J-Street/Soros and El Guapo’s admin.

      Between Peres, Livni and Yakimovich, it’s a miracle Israel’s still in one piece.

  4. natureico says:

    Israel has known since the Day of its Inception that it stands alone. Read the verses in the Bible alluding to this in #Kings.
    Israel is guarded by Y-H-W-H day and night by a Pillar of Cloud & Pillar of Flame. No harm will befall Israel if it keeps to G-D’s Ordinances, Statutes and Decrees.

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