Israel on the brink.

Is anyone surprised El Guapo and the one-world Totalitarians sided with Iran ?

No surprise here whatsoever.

We’ve been saying Israel was on her own the day The Jihadist At 1600 was deemed to be ‘teh wun’ by the color of his skin and not by the content of his (complete lack of) character.

Scroll through the past posts from day one here at Israel Survival Updates and you’ll see for yourself.


The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, announced early Sunday morning that an agreement has been reached between Iran and the group known as the P5+1.

France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, confirmed as well that a deal has been reached. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, tweeted as well that “we have reached an agreement.”


The next step by President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) will be to officially announce that if Israel attacks Iran – even in obvious self defense – as or after Iran launches their non-existent nuclear weapons – then he – President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) – will order the US military to stop Israel.

The command structure is already in place for that to happen.

Again, scroll through the past postings here at Israel Survival Updates and you’ll see for yourself.

As for me, I’ll be going to ‘the 100-yard stress-relief center’ on a daily basis until the s……… until th……… until.



In closing this posting, I’ve a personal message to Jewish Democrats in what remains of America – especially the 78% of all Jewish Americans who did everything they could to help make this happen by supporting everything this administration has done and still supports everything this group of pure evil human debris will do going forward.

The message:   I sincerely “hope” you enjoy the “change” – especially when the Muslim’s swords are at your necks.   You were warned this was coming.   You were begged to listen even a little.   You all told people like me to go to h*ll.

Well, I’ve got some news for you – the 78% – I do not and will not forgive you and I will never ever forget.   You’re on your own.



Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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11 Responses to Israel on the brink.

  1. The P5+1 and the IAEA have become nuclear proliferators. The have been so many backdoor deals, and agreements withheld from the public.

    President Obama search for a replacement legacy, the Iran Nuclear deal, moves the world closer to greater dangers.

    France’s Hollande was welcomed as a “hero by Netanyahu when a week before @France24 had an article that stated Hollande, and Obama reached an agreement on Iran’s “peaceful nuclear program”.

    Obama had given an interview with the BBC, and at the very start he lied by saying Iran will have IAEA “inspections like the current ones”. Trouble is that IAEA inspectors haven’t been on any Iranian nuclear site since February 2012. The remainder of the BBC interview was mumbo jumbo.

    The U.S. Senate’s delay of the tougher sanctions against Iran was applauded by AIPAC. Kerry cancelled his trip to Israel, and will be going to London instead to talk with UK FM Hague, and Libyan President; which I believe has to do with Libya’s oil production. As Libya chaos continues in the wake of NATO’s take down of Qadaffi.

    The world has turned their back on Jews again. Israel will do what it must to secure their nation, people, and their borders.

  2. jahbalon says:

    I agree with Joe Maloney’s statement above, he couldn’t have said it any better than me.
    Sad day for Israel and the World, but like you have articulated in your fine and insightful article Kenny, there is much worse to come from the Obama Regime.

    • Yes and the next thing warming up in the bull pen is a total cut off of aid to Israel…… with all that cash and other things like ‘toys’ going to the peace lovers so they can love peace even more than they do now.

      Then, it’s free and clear sailing for El Guapo to order our milpers to attack the Jewish state and maybe even start rounding up ‘our people’ (and all dissenters) here at home.

      Oh, right. Silly me. It can’t happen here.

  3. pjpaton says:

    Anybody following my blogs over the last five years would know it was all leading up to this by El Guapo and the Totalitarians.

    The next step by Obama will be to turn the screw on Israel to give the Arabs another Terror State in ” Palestine” so as to speak..


    This is just jaw-dropping. Iran is being rewarded for continuing to pursue nuclear weapons all these years by the US, et al, reducing the sanctions.

    But the real outrage is this statement attributed to Kerry:

    Geneva, Switzerland (CNN) — [Breaking news update, 11:04 p.m. ET]

    – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the deal announced Sunday is ”a serious step” toward answering the world’s questions about Iran’s nuclear intentions.

    – Kerry calls the nuclear deal a rollback of that nation’s nuclear program and a first step toward ”a comprehensive agreement that will make Israel and the rest of the world safer.

    – Kerry: ”We need to set about the critical task of proving to the world what Iran has said many times — that its program is in fact peaceful.” The top U.S. diplomat said the initial agreement creates ”time and space” to allow Iran to demonstrate its peaceful intentions.

    Are you f-ing kidding me ?

    Kerry says its our job to prove that Iran is not pursuing the bomb ? Not to investigate and verify that they are not not, but to PROVE they’re not. No, you stinking piece of sh*t Kerry, it’s IRAN’S job to prove they’re not.

    I cannot believe this. I just cannot believe this.

    • Aussie Bloke! says:

      Ok then,…

      Why do they have all those centrifuges for processing then?
      Their used for making weapons grade product!

      Enough proof for ya?

      Israel should have bombed the power plant before it was fuelled.
      Not doing so was a strategic mistake.


  5. bobmontgomery says:

    So then we find out (as if) that US had been talking to Iran. Fine – here’s one for you Obama – Israel has been talking to the Saudis.

    When the numbnuts pull this crap and get the P6 to come on board somehow, What’s Israel to do ?

    The enemy of my enemy……

    • When the Wahabis in SaudiLand are scared sh*tl*ss of their own typical Muslim Brother(hood) people, then you know ‘there’s trouble at the mill’. But it’s a whole lot more than just one of the crossbeams going out of skew on the treadle.

      The Spanish Inquisition will seem like a family picnic in the park compared to what’s on the near-event horizon.

  6. natureico says:

    I agree with all of the above, and ditto PJ, Joe and Bob and you Kenny too.

    These extremely dangerous moves by Obama in the Middle East have to be halted in their tracks before we have Shoah No.2 visited upon the State of Israel.

    Bibi, have you ever heard of “Tora… Tora… Tora” ?

  7. obozolies says:

    I agree with everything that is said above and more, but seeing this is a public forum I better not say what I really feel about Obozo’s Treachery on Israel.

    I’ll just go for a long walk and try and burn that intensity off.

    Pissed off would be an understatement.

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